♦ Lenior-Hikaru Fine Arts 





The building is sorted off into three sections:

One third is a visual arts gallery/studio that is being run by Adrien Sebastien Lenior. Another third is the auditory art gallery + studio being run by Nitoma Hikaru. The third section of the building is currently being run by Maelana.  A Woman of many talents, and can make amazing musical art with technology.


Newly Hired!  We can proudly say that we have Staff Members.  These fine people are around to keep things and guests in check.  


Rai Sonozaki - A very old soul with a taste for blood and a talent for drawing and playing the guitar.  Mostly quiet he still is quick to act when the moment calls.


Vanessa Sinclair - This brainy blonde is fun to talk to and view anything scientific as a work of art.


John Dwyer -  This man is the embodiment of pepsi and beer so much so that it is a work of art.


Haley Ann - Fellow Ginger with an art of sarcasm and roling around without hurting herself.


California and Fume - This Duo are a pair of cards.  Very lively and fun.  Beware Fume is a flirt.




No drama. Don't get me wrong -- Who doesn't love a little drama in their RP? Who likes it OOC? Nobody. Though it does happen. You're going to eventually run into somebody on the site that you don't agree with. Do us all a favor when that happens; Take it to PM, please.  Drama can vary from personal issues to relationship arguments.  Political debates are allowed but if the owners or mods feel that it is getting too heated you WILL be asked to take it to pm.


Original characters, canon characters-- they're all welcome. Furries futas and all are also welcomes.  




Smut is to be taken to PMs as well. Get a room, seriously. Light groping and biting is allowed but anything heavy needs to be in PM.  No one wantsto see that.


Be friendly. It's important to make newcomers feel welcome, and incredibly easy. Understand the difference between OOC and IC. Start some sort of interaction between characters. You get the idea.  On a side note.  If the owner Nitoma is in there and she does not say hi it is not because she does not like you.  She just akf's alot.


We're not expecting you to come into the gallery with machine guns and magical swords. Please, don't.

This is a modern setting, please make sure your character is appropriate. We don't need Gandalf damaging our precious canvases. It's fine if your character has fire powers, or can levitate etc., but it's to be kept on the down-low unless your character literally cannot contain themselves.



Have fun. Seriously, don't be shy. If you're having a hard time trying to squeeze your character in, message one of the page admins. We're super friendly, promise. ♥