Welcome to The Ghosts of Saturn - a futuristic freedom fighters roleplay. The Ghosts (TGOS) strive to open an unwilling system's eyes to the corruption that their government is subjecting them to. The vast, vast majority of Ghosts are unmodified humans... the government's abuse of cybernetic implants are in large part what they are opposing.


TGOS is an original story set in a completely original universe. We encourage applications from interested players who are looking for a fitting setting for their space-age characters, or even better, who are looking for a new setting to make a character for.


Notes on A.I and other sapient species.

    AI Description


Notes on general tech level.


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Current PC Descriptions and relations.

    Jeniere Nisato - High-ranking leadership figure in TGOS, and captain of her ship, Rapture. Answers directly to several Bishops, none of which are field active. Official rank is "High Priestess," a rank reserved for personnel who are offered the position of Bishop (which is not field active, is a purely back-line leadership position) and have refused it, they outrank Captains but do not outrank Bishops. This opted rank has grown in popularity considerably since Jen accepted it.


    Jeniere has spent a long time serving with Istaqa and respects his bravery and efficiency in combat. In between operations she generally enjoys his company, and he is one of the few people she will speak on a personal level to, but is often annoyed by his viewing her of something like a younger sister.


    Istaqa - Deacon, or "field captain." Istaqa is a well-known and respected soldier in TGOS's timeline, and is often looked up to by recruits who witness him in combat. Details on his leadership or choice not to lead pending player's decisions.


    Istaqa has served with Jen for a long period and, despite following very different styles of accomplishing their goals, generally gets along with her well. He views her as something akin to a younger sister.


    Leilani Keihara - Unranked. Leilani is currently contracted to Jeniere for an upcoming mission as a freelancer. Both Jen and Istaqa are somewhat suspicious of her. Jen has agreed to discuss TGOS and potential recruitment with Leilani if the mission goes smoothly.


Jeniere (Nyssa Sarantos) and Istaqa (Richard Isley) are both very active in OOC and TGOS and we will be more than happy to talk to you about any ideas you have, or happy to answer any questions. The RP is still in it's budding phases, and there's a lot of room for improvement, so we are more than happy to hear any reccomendations you have.


But anyway, without further to-do, the official TGOS intro:

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