Welcome to Anthro Pride


A place for anthros, furries, nekos, and those who respect them to come and enjoy their lives,

away from haters and those who would use their race against them.

Have fun, play nice, and above all else, treat others the way you would want to be treated.


You enter a dimly lit club with dark purple and royal blue satin wall hangings.

Matching couches, tables, and chairs are stratigically place around the room with a bar in the back

tended by a black furred Draconia Lupus.

The Owner smiles and extends her arm out towards the room,

"Welcome and enjoy."



Lily Dracovitch



DeLouis (Host)






Hiring PM Lily Dracovitch if interested.


 (This is a mainly roleplaying room, so an entrance would be nice but is not required, though please at least say hi.))