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Welcome to perfectly lewd

How lewd! Another smut room! Who would have thought? It's more than that, though. While the title may suggest it's nothing but a room made for smut & NSFW content, this is also a general room. It's all encompassing. That goes for random ooc chit-chat, meme sharing, & of course writing. We strive to be a safe space for everyone here. This is a room where you can kick the shit and have fun with strangers and friends alike. Keep your troubles by the door, and take a load off; nobody's going to judge you for anything

The Guidelines

[This applies to owner, mods, and members alike.]

  1. Character Ages: Characters must be aged 16+ to enter, however characters and profiles that are smut driven or sexually suggestive must be 18+ and must not include sexually explicit images or sexual content of a minor. We don't condone pedophilia, nor ephebophilia. Note: In the case of profiles with an age range, this rule will be applied to the youngest age listed. This is simply because we cannot confirm that characters below the age of 18 are not being sexualized.
  2. Sensitive Topics: Discussions on sensitive topics are permitted in room, as long as all active participants remain civil. If a conversation on any such topic seems to be growing hostile or heated, members of the moderation team may ask participating individuals to stop or simply take it to PMs.
  3. Room interactions: RP, as well as OOC conversation, is encouraged, and neither one will be shut down in favour of the other.
  4. Doxing: All users have a right to their privacy; sharing of someone’s private information without their consent will not be tolerated. This includes disclosure of alternative characters without permission.
  5. Link Sharing and Spam: Sharing links is permitted as long as they do not violate any room rules. Spamming the chat is not permitted; members will receive a warning to stop before being kicked. It should also be noted that if you see a link posted in room, always assume it is NSFW. There are no rules against lewd images given they don't break any prexisting directives stated on this page.
  6. Harassment: No form of harassment will be tolerated in room. If a member expresses discomfort towards you for any reason, we ask that you be respectful and refrain from continuing to interact with them. If you have asked someone to stop harassing you and they continue to do so, please refrain from further engaging with them, screenshot the interaction, and take it to a member of the moderation team to be dealt with accordingly.
  7. We don't tolerate intolerance: We understand that some characters are built with racism, misogyny, homophobia, heterophobia, transphobia, classism, religious background, body shaming behaviour and the like. However, there are limits to how these characters can be played within the room. Nobody under any circumstance is allowed to use slurs or stand on their soapbox to spread their views. If you want to play them in PM as such, you are free to do so, but keep it out of the room. This is a safe space for everyone. IC or OOC doesn't matter. Keep your bigotry to yourself.
  8. No Ban Is Permanent: The length of time each one is issued for will be dependent on the initial reason for the ban. If you receive multiple bans for repeated rule violation, an exception may be made to this rule and your ban may be left in place.
  9. Kinks: As a room that openly welcomes smut, we accept all manner of kinks and do not allow kink shaming. On that same note, we also ask that you not force your kinks on others if they have respectfully expressed disinterest.
  10. Screenshots: If you bring forward an issue to the moderation team, be prepared to be asked for screenshots of the matter at hand. This is simply to ensure all decisions in regards to the situation as made fairly to all parties involved.

Moderation Team Rules

  1. Warning, Kick, Ban: Moderators will always follow due process when addressing issues; warnings will be issued before members are kicked, and a kick will be issued before a ban. Exceptions to the ban rule will be discussed among the moderation team.
  2. Member Equality: All members in the room will be held to the same standard, and preferential treatment will not be given to those who are friends or acquaintances with moderators or co-owners. This also includes treating members differently based off personal opinion/dislike. As a moderator you are to treat everyone equally when it comes to moderation.
  3. Screenshots: should be acquired before kicking and/or banning an individual from the room. We don't go by he said, she said. There needs to be proof, and it also needs to be discussed with the rest of the moderation team before a decision is carried out.
  4. No White Knighting: Under no circumstance are you as a moderator to be a 'white knight' and overstep. Do not insert yourself into a situation for the sole purpose of slamming down your hammer/power. Unless someone is directly breaking a rule or there is a situation that unquestionably requires your intervention, DO NOT involve yourself unnecessarily.

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