Welcome to Quake City, kid.

Don't get too comfy.




Character Introduction:


People say that fate, if you believe in it, is a fixed concept. 

Something that cannot be altered; a line that can't be strayed from. 

At least, that's what the people of the so-called "Quake City" think.

You find yourself here in this chaotic, polluted, corrupted pit filled with the worst kinds of criminals and thugs money can buy. 

Some say that if you're lucky enough, there's hope for someone in this city that God forgot to burn.

But, as most of the locals will tell you, there is no hope. Not even a prayer for a hopeless wanderer like you.

But, despite your dreary position, 

 At the gates of the only unanimously confirmed piece of Hell on Earth,

You have no fate, no line to stray from.

You are free to do whatever you want, be whoever you want to be. 

The Choice is yours.


Will you save the City-That-Can't-Be-Saved?


Or simply watch it burn?






Welcome to Quake City, the offspring of vice and sin itself. A city plagued with countless gangs, masked vigilantes, and serial killers of any variety, and with a natural demeanor cruel enough to put any right-minded child to tears. Quake City is a large, unclean, corrupt hub of chaos for all of its inhabitants, who, despite such, seem to thrive in such a distasteful environment. That including even the most esteemed of business higher-ups.

No one is exempt from the corruption of Quake City, so long as you live within its beaten walls.

To try to quell the misfortune and sinful rage buidling up within the city, heroes and masked saviors began to arise in even its earliest days to try to match evil with an equal good. These are less common than the neutral and evil types romaing the streets, though they're often strong when they are present.


Quake City, being the vice-swarmed wasp nest that it is, is home to many gangs. Most of these gangs want nothing more than money and power, though there are some who desire something even greater within their acult masses.

Gangs in Quake City often take after a specific theme to make them recognizable throughout the city, most of which are exaggerated variants of motifs from within a certain culture. 




Quake City is a superhero-esque environment with a crude, entertaining, modern edge to it. The city itself is within a fictional California and is, roughly, the size of San Francisco. It's a highly polluted and unfriendly city thriving with lowlife types, ranging from dirty cops to thugs to corrupt businessmen. The city is also rich in vice and sin and is no stranger to the less savory points of life-- such as drugs, prostitution, fighting of people or animals as a means of entertainment, so forth and so on.




While Quake City doesn't technically have any defined districts or sectors, you'll find that different areas of the city are vastly different and are populated by different arrays of people. 


These areas include:


The Gambling district: The part of the city where gangs run the most rampant. These streets are lined with night clubs, bars, and casinos; all of which are controlled and operated by one of the more prominent gangs roaming Quake City's streets.


The Lower Class district: As the name implies, this area is populated by the poor, the unlucky, and the cheated. This area is highly polluted and the streets are lined with filthy motels, broken down shops, and occassional night clubs run by lesser known gangs.


The Upper Class district: Again, as the name implies, more densely populated with the wealthier and better off. These streets are lined with large condos, apartments, fine dining, and ocassional clubs.


The Industrial district: These streets are lined with business skycrapers which are owned by the larger of the companies within Quake City. Correlated with the Upper Class district.





This list is including the largest and most well known of the gangs within Quake City. There are more, of course, though those have yet to develop and make their name known.


The Brooklyn Noir: A gang opperated and owned by the son of the billionaire Gunnco. company owner, this gang is themed after the culture of the 1940's. They're arguably the largest gang in Quake City, as their leader, Thomas "Tommy" Gunn, has a significant amount of power because of his father, and as they own the majority of clubs and casinos in the gambling district.

Most of their clubs and casinos play smooth jazz, offer martinis at the door, have a showgirl for every man or woman's lap, and, of course, have their decor in nothing but black and white. ..With the exception of fine red velvet, of course.

The Brooklyn Noir is a neutral gang and only attacks when attacked.

** This gang has been disbanded, as it dissolved into The Kings as Tommy Gunn has handed leadership over to Cottonmouth. However, Gunn Co. and The Deck of Queens are still operational.


The Red Dragon: A more cult-like group that attacks any who they no longer desire to breathe. They center their group around ancient Japanese culture as well as their leader, who they view as a religious figure. Their leader is one of the most evil men in Quake City, as he is a man who takes blood on his hands as easily as a child takes free candy. Some even say he's a cannibal- eats who he kills- but, who really knows that for sure.

** This gang's leader has been killed and is thus disbanded.


The 40 Thieves: A little known gang in Quake City, they keep low and hold a grudge on the Red Dragon, marking their only goal to destroy them. They own no major buildings are a small, however powerful gang. 

** All but one member of this gang is dead, and is thus disbanded.


The Kings: A gang owned and opperated by the up-and-coming gang leader and assassin Cottonmouth, this gang focuses their time into sleek, smooth nightclubs and bars lining the city streets. Their themes involve a modern, smooth, and simplistic design consisting of lowlighted rooms fitted with black interiors lined with bright, glowing blue trim. Along with some snake-esque decor here and there, given their fork-tongued leader. This gang also dabbled in drug distribution, prostitution, and theft.


Hoo-Doo: A gang composed of drug-induced party goers. They theme themselves off of crude "Voodoo" stereotype images and cover their bodies in stitchings, piercings, tattoos, and all the like. This group owns one obscure, stomach-turning night club that runs an underground fighting ring as well as creates their own "special" drugs, whom they sell to only those within their own gang. Their leader, Samedi, is the epitome of Voodoo stereotypes.

**This gang's leader is dead and is thus disbanded.


Princeton Industries: Not necessarily a gang at heart, but a business that's gotten themselves so raveled up in the business of gangs that they may as well be one. This is at the fault of their pretentious, young and stupid leader Cyrus Prince and his obsession with humiliating and killing Cottonmouth. Princeton Industries also owns some other small-time gangs.


Las Rosas, The T-Birds, C++, The Kings of Princeton: Numerous gangs fitted into the pocket of Cyrus Prince. They live to create havok around the city, and to pester The Kings and Cottonmouth. Ideas of what these gangs are like and their leaders can be found in the Other Significant People section.

**Las Rosas; disbanded.


The Brooklyn Noir 2.0: A mock version of Tommy Gunn's former gang, they lie low and work under Cyrus Prince. Led by Frankie Sin, an old enemy of Tommy's and the murder of his [ex-]girlfriend.


The Cardinales: A gang that first errupted in the 70's, they control an immense crime syndicate spanning far beyond Quake City. It's suspected they also underhandedly control many, many gangs. They also gave Tommy all of his lovely scars.



Other Significant People:


Robert Gunn: The owner of Gunn Co. industries, and also the father of Tommy Gunn. A billionare and large-time manufacturer of fine weaponry. He's not a nice guy, let me tell you. [ He might shoot you. ] || *Deceased


Mr. Green: Owner of Green Inc., a corrupt business specializing in technology, robotics, and the like. A father to propaganda in Quake City. Also running for mayor.


The Toy Maker: No information to be given immediately. Just hope to God you don't meet him.


Jack: Your flamboyant cyborg neighbor. Have fun meeting him, if you do.


Psycho: A living exaggeration of biopolarism; Psycho swaps between a timid, quiet businessman and a manic, Chaotic Good "hero." He's not a genuinely bad person in either of his forms, however when in his manic mindset he's prone to cause damage to both the guilty and innocent parties.


Ahad: The last surviving member of the Forty Thieves, he now lives for the man that returned his honor and saved his life, Cas Williams. Ahad is a loyal friend to Cas and a vastly skilled warrior.


Cyrus Prince: A classic corporate lowlife, Prince has inherited the business once owned by his since deceased father and spends his time bending media at a whim and putting his shallow, douchey personality in a more flattering light. Horn-locked rival with Cas "Cottonmouth" Williams.


La Rosa, Butch, Deus Ex, Ace, and E.Z. Monet: Small time gang leaders in the pocket of Cyrus Prince. From firt to last; a seductress who, quite literally, fucked her way into the position of gang leader, an 18-year-old highschool dropout and 50's greaser wannabe, a pretentious dubstep junkie, a private agent, and a common thug with too much money on his hands.

**La Rosa: Deceased. 



People you should know about:


Cottonmouth: All information listed here. Currently dating Tommy Gunn, and current leader of The Cottonmouth Kings. Don't scare him, he hisses.


Ari: All information listed here. Cottonmouth's room mate, anyone's ally so long as you aren't mean.


Tommy Gunn: All information listed here. He might be intimidating, but he's still 5'6". Current CEO of Gunn Co, former Brooklyn Noir leader.


Eden: All information listed here. He likes to take the looks of the prettiest people around.


Mr. Lockheart: All information listed here. He likes the color pink more than he likes you.




OOC & Rules:


This is still a very, very new group and I ask you all be patient with editting, fixing, and etc. 

The group ownership is shared between the creators of the original concept. Ownership will not be shared with anyone else.





1. Be nice. Have respect for your fellow RPers. Trust me, it ain't hard. If you do argue with someone, however, take it to your PMs.


2. In the case someone else is being excessively rude or unkind, alert a mod or owner.


3. Mod spots are currently open. PM Cottonmouth if interested.


4. All characters are welcome, however try to be at least a little relevant to the setting. I.E., I don't hope to see many medieval-esque woodland elves in here.


5. Be literate.


6. God-modding and OP characters are strongly frowned upon. Do not instakill or have excessive powers. We will kick if things get too out of hand.


7. Play fair. You can't start a gang and immediately open a casino. To get something, you work up to it.


8. Smut is fine in room, however I strongly suggest taking it to PMs.


9. Don't tell Tommy Gunn he's short. It upsets him.


10. Have fun!