Los Angeles; "The City of Angels."

LA is the entertainment capital of the world, a cultural mecca boasting more than 300 museums, and a paradise of good weather. From tourist attractions like the Walk of Fame’s collection of stars (numbering 2,482, and growing by one or two a month) to career opportunities like those presented in the expanding biotech industry, Los Angeles is the place to be. It is the only city in North America to have hosted the Summer Olympics twice. 

And then there's the "Other Side" of LA, that only it's residents, and some of the more "Well-Traveled" visitors know. Beaches, Gorgeous Women, Warm Weather and the Hollywood Stars are what the Tourists pay money to see; but the real grime and grit is where the people who "Run LA" do their business.

If you can make it in New York City, you can make it anywhere... But if you can make it in Los Angeles, why would you wanna waste your time anywhere else?





This group is a Work-in-Progress, and will be constantly developing as people RP.

Before anyone asks; Yes, "The Troll is Comic-Sans Font." 

Now that that's out of the way, here's the basic run down of Rules and Regulations to follow.

1.) Be respectful to other RPers, and especially Moderators/Owners. You don't have to like everyone in here, but you will be respectful at all times. Trolls go elsewhere.

2.)  Majority Rules! Other groups keep having issues with, "We're trying to RP while people are scrolling with OOC!" or "We're trying to chat and other people are making huge posts!" Here's how I'm solving this: If there's 30 people in a room and 28 of them are OOC, the Room-Majority wins.

In contrast; if there's 30 people in the room, 25 are trying to RP and 5 are OOC, Room-Majority wins. We'll throw up an OOC-Room as needed to accommodate this. 

However, if we have 5 or more people trying to RP and only 3 or 4 people are chatting while 20+ others are silent, or Idle in PM's, then we'll probably rule in favor of RPing, since this is an RP group.

3.) This group is REALITY-RP based. Real people, real-life situations, or at least PLAUSIBLE Real-Life situations. In other words, Modern-Human characters only.

Saiyans, Aliens, Anthros,  Genetically-Engineered people, Super-Assassins, please go elsewhere.

Characters like "Vampires" and "Lycans," you can RP in the room, but your character will have to be played as if they're normal Human Beings and not "Supernatural Monsters." 

4.) Profiles. You need to have an actual profile to join the group. Here's why.

A.) People want to know who they're RPing with.

B.) Profiles make your character recognizable, and show the moderators that your character adheres to the group standards/requirements.

C.) A genuine profile proves you're an RPer on this website and not just a Troll/Spammer.

Your profile should contain at least this bare minimum: Characters Name, Characters Age, Characters Gender and Characters Appearance (Picture or Description).

If you have a blank profile, or don't meet these minimum requirements, you'll be asked to leave temporarily, until you have filled out a profile.

5.) Harassment of other room-goers is not tolerated. You will be Warned > Kicked 2 times > Banned. 

First Ban will last 1 week. 2nd Ban will last 1 month. 3rd Ban is Permanent. No exceptions.

6.) [Rule for Moderators]: Kicking people as a Joke is not acceptable. You're expected to show Professionalism and Respect for the people in the room. 

Your Hammer is not a toy. Abuse of Power is ALSO not acceptable. Moderators will not Harass or Troll users and then Kick/Ban them when they defend themselves. Any Confirmed Proof of a Moderator Abusing  Their Powers Will Result In An Immediate Loss of Mod-Ship and a 1-Week Ban.

No Exceptions.

7.) Room Go-ers who have a problem with a Moderator have 2 options; talk to another Moderator, or talk to the Room-Owner. 

If You Talk Directly to the Room Owner, You Need The Following Information: Screen Name of the Moderator in Question. > A Description of Your Problem With the Moderator. > A Screen-Shot of Any Acts of Power-Abuse That Are Being Addressed.

If you don't have proof, there is not a lot we can do to help you.

Room Moderators: If someone comes to you to complain about a fellow mod, DO NOT discuss it with other Moderators, NOT EVEN the one in question.

Talk DIRECTLY to the Room Owner about the issue, and let the Owner handle it from there.

8.) Smut is allowed in-chat, but keep it tasteful. Sensitive Topics like; Blood, Gore, Vore, Death, Toilet-Play and Age-Play should be kept in PM-RP's. 

"Younger Characters" are allowed in the room and allowed to RP, but any "Smut" with them should take place in Private or in another Room.



Q: What's your group about?

A: This group is a "Reality-Based" RP Group. It's based on Real-Life and characters that fit into Modern-Day Reality settings.

Q: Are Fictional Characters allowed in the group?

A: That depends. Any fictional character that has anything like "Super-Powers" or "Super-Human Abilities", No.  If it's just a normal, regular human-being who happens to be based from a Movie or a Book series? Sure. Let's look at an example:

Lois Lane from Super Man: Probably no. She comes from a world of Super Villains, Super Heroes and Aliens/Monsters, etc. May have difficulty playing her out of that verse. 

Dominic Toretto from Fast and Furious: Probably Yes. Real-Life scenarios, no Super-Powers. No Monsters/Super-Villains. Can easily fit into a real-life situation.

Q: Are Real-Life people like Celebrities allowed?

A: Sure, as long as they're modern-day Celebrities and you're not going to play someone like Leonardo Da Vinci, or anything like that...

Katy Perry? Sure. Miley Cyrus? Sure. Vin Diesel? Athletes, Actors, Singers, Pro-Wrestlers, Politicians? All fine. Just try to avoid joke-names and Trolling, please... For example:

You made President Obama and came into the room to order a Nuclear Strike on Los Angeles because "Hurrdurr Funny".

Keep it realistic and believable and don't be a bothersome twat, and you'll be fine.

That's all for now; thanks for reading and Enjoy!