The Glory Hole

A Casual Public Sex Group

Room Name = Glory Hole



You should join with characters that:

a) Enjoy participating in or quietly observing casual, public sex

b) Don't mind getting solicited for such activities.



No specifics yet, just be nice and respect the requests of the staff.


Setting: Monday Morning - Friday Morning

The Little Shop: Alternative Bookstore and Coffee Shop


Things Sold Here


Baked Goods

Fruit and Juice

Sex Toys

Pornographic Videos

Alternative Lifestyle (Fetish) Books and Gear



Coffee tables with old leather sofas

(Popular for flirting and footsies)


Service Bar

(Popular for ordering drinks, paying for stuff, bothering staff)


Book Shelf Maze

(Popular for wandering, more private public sex with the risk of being caught)



(Classic Bathroom Stall Gloryholes in here)


Fetish Gear and Sex Toy department

(Modern Fitting Room Style Gloryholes in here)


Setting: Friday Evening - Sunday Night

The Big House: Friendly Swingers Club



Full Bar

( In the front room. Only the volunteer bartender drinks free )

Dancer Cage

( In the front room. Non-nude erotic dancers, protected by cage that only opens from inside. )

Free Buffet

( In the front room. Main buffet is normal dinner fair, dessert buffet is all hypo-allergenic naughty stuff )

Erotic Art Gallery

( In the front room. Just about every wall has something tasteful, but erotic hanging on it.  There are a few erotic statues as well.  PLEASE DO NOT PERFORM SEXUAL ACTS ON THE STATUES. )

Stripper Poles

( Semi-to-Fully nude erotic dancers. Amateurs/Tips welcome )

Safe Sex Machine

( Dispenses Condoms, Dental Dams, Gloves, etc)

Adult Playground

( Sex Swings, Ramps, Fucking-Machines, Suspension Rigs, Breading Harnesses.  Used Toy/Condom Sterilization Receptable )

The Orgy Pit

( Padded depression in the floor.  Get in and have fun, or sit outside and watch )

'Private' Rooms

( Bedrooms with drawers full of sexual wellness materials.  Large window with curtain.  Locking door.  Covered Glory Holes )

'Privater' Room Etiquette


Closed Door, Closed Curtains, Close Glory Holes

( Private fucking by invitation of occupants only. )


Open Curtains

( Voyeurs welcome )


Open Glory Holes

( Anonymous sex welcome )


Open Door

( Anyone can join sexy fun time! )