Welcome to The Little Cafe !!

This is a great place to be.

The Cafe has many rooms to enjoy and to relax.



The Cafe Rules:


1. Respect Owners/ Moderators

2. If you are kicked, that is your warning. You are free to come back in, but please don't whine about it. At least you were warned, instead of banned.

3. If you are verbally asked to stop misbehaving or being rude to others while no moderator or owners are around, please be respectful and comply. If the owner receives proof of your continued harrasement, you will be punished.

4. If you want to report someone, please have proof of the conversation.

5. We are nice and respectful here.

6. No Drama! No ifs, ands, or buts about that.

7. Do not be vulgar, or press on sensitive subjects. These include, but aren't limited to, fart/vomit jokes, racial or sexist remarks, or cyber-bullying.




There IS a bar, any character over the age of 21 may drink. Everyone knows what happens when you drink too much, so please don't make an over-exaggerated reaction to over-consumption.


 Also have to be in the room you are ordering food/ drinks from. You can not eat or drink that is sereved in a different room. (Example: You can not eat cakes from the main room in the bar room.) This goes for all rooms.




To my Moderators:

I trust you to be my eyes and ears in the room while I am away. If you are considering banning I must be notified before. If necessary, give a verbal warning of your intent. I?must approve all bannings.




To our Guests:

This is a place to really chill and hang out in Character or OOC.



More rules may be added at a later time, so please check back to be sure you're staying in line.



Every occupation without a RPH member's name underneath is available, but one must be a group member to be hired.


(The current staff working in the rooms are just there as default)







Cafe Main Room


This is the main room of the Cafe, and the room you enter right away. Please, feel free to seat yourself, as a Butler or Server will be with you right away. Also, take care to note that only certain foods can be obtained here, such as sweets, pastries, cafes, and other items that you would find in a normal cafe.




        Cafe Cook                  Cafe Butler



                                                                              Cafe Server             Cafe Entertainment



                                                                                           Cafe Cleanup









The Cafe Bar


This is the barroom of the Cafe. A door off of the cafe leads into here, and patrons can bring their drinks from the bar into the cafe proper. Please note that the bartender only makes bar food, and that you MUST be 21 to get an alcoholic drink. All IDs on the table, please!



      Bar Manager              Bar Cook

    (Position open)


                                                                                 Bartenders               Servers




                                                                                               Bar Cleanup















Cafe Library


The Cafe's library is off of the main room, as well. A quiet, restful place where patrons can check out a book, study, and read in peace. No food or drinks allowed! Please be minndful of the Head Librarian.



       Head Librarian               Librarian

      (Jupiter Effigy)











Cafe Restaurant


The Cafe's full Restaurant serves a complete menu of entres, appetizers, and fine delicacies. Please refer to the chef for a menu.



          Cafe Chef                 Waiter



                                                                             Waitress                    Waitress 



                                                                                  Restaurant Cleanup











Cafe Cushion Room


The Cafe's cushion room is a serene place to relax, sleep, and ease your mind. Finger foods are served here, and please be mindful of the head attendant.




                                           Head Attendant










Cafe Pool


The Cafe's Pool is a heated retreat for those who want to relax in the warm waters, exercise, and enjoy a nice indoor swim. Swimsuits are required. The Lifeguard is also the pool manager.



                     Pool Lifeguard

















Cafe Hot Spring (Swimsuits required)


The cafe hot springs are located in the expansive outer courtyard of the cafe, accessible by a rear door. Please note that swimsuits are required to relax in the hot, rejuvenating waters. The Hot Springs Attendant is also the manager.



                  Hot Spring Attendant