The Black Hole started out its life as a mining colony. When the minerals had been cleaned out to the best of the ability of the technology at the time, the floating piece of space junk had been abandoned and quickly became one of the most prominent storage houses for smugglers. That was until one bored, rebellious rich kid decided to buy the entire floating hunk of metal. There was a good struggle between those who didn’t want some flashy fag taking over their hideaway and the flamboyant man who wouldn’t take no for an answer. In the end, what became of the old mining colony turned out to be a bit of a miracle.


Zachary Blackblood took hold of the mining colony and started from the inside out. Instead of collapsing caves and dangerous paths to hide their illegal goods in, he built top of the line storage facilities that would hold and keep anything safe from drugs, to radioactive waste, to exotic animals, to slaves. Not only did this provide a safe, secure place for smugglers to keep their goods, it also reinforced the structure of the colony, making it more stable. Top side, he went full utility and entertainment, from a strip joint, casino, and hotel all rolled into one, to a mechanic bay that could handle anything made of metal. Of course, this masterpiece of a rest stop didn’t come solely out of one Blackblood heir. His investors, heavy hitters of the Underworld, were all the more pleased to help his dream come true, as long as they had a place to do their business and keep their goods. So what happens when you have a colony full of criminals, vagrants, and otherwise misfits from society? You have a lot of fun.


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Role Play Expected
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Owner Zachary Blackblood
AI/Computer Flicker
Doctor Acacius Pius Pastore
Bar Tender Candella Orion