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Bella Bloodreign

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Bella's is a place to relax and have fun. There are rules of course, which are below. All drinks and food are on the house with the exception of whole bottles of alcohol. Alcohol bottle prices are listed below as well. Come on in, join in the fun! We look forward to seeing you!


Bella's is now the headquarters for the Blue Lagoon Wolf Pack

The pack's website can be found here:

Blue Lagoon Wolf Pack


Now Hiring!

We are currently hiring for the following positions:




Live entertainment is always welcome.

Anyone interested in applying, please PM any of the owners


Current Employees:




Layout of the Bar:

In the center of the room is a round bar with stools around the outside. There are also booths along the right wall and tables with chairs scattered about the rest of the place. Immediately to the left upon entering is a door marked WEAPONS ROOM. This is where all weapons must be placed upon entrance. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you are found to have weapons, you will not be served until weapons are put in the weapons room. In the further left corner is a stage where a white grand piano, drum set, guitar, bass guitar, and microphone sit. Anyone is welcome to play any of these instruments. If an instrument is broken, the price of its replacement will be charged to the patron who broke it. In the middle of the left side wall is a fireplace where a warm fire is always aglow. Directly across from it is a deep crimson colored couch. To the left of the fireplace is a jukebox that plays wheren there is no live entertainment. Straight again of the entrance, behind the bar, is the kitchen. To the right of the kitchen entrance, in the far right corner, is a staircase that leads to the rooms upstairs. Upstairs are 14 identical one bedroom rooms. They each have a bed, nighstand with lamp, wardrobe, chest of drawers, bathroom and kitchen. There are no electronics (such as a television). There is one additional room that has everything a normal room has, with the addition of a larger bed, two nightstands, and a balcony that overlooks the waterfall and lake behind the building. There is a separate back entrance for the rooms should anyone wish to come and go after the bar's hours or if they wish to not be seen. The entrance to the lake in the back is through the kitchen. 



Room & Alcohol Prices:

Suite: 100 each night

Any other room: 50 each night

Large bottles: 50

Medium bottles: 25

Small bottles: 12.50


All currency is accepted and will be converted to the bar's local currency.  



1. (This rule should not be needed but sadly it is) PLEASE HAVE ON CLOTHES (Have some decency people)


2. No One-lining unless the situation warrants it. Minimum of 3 lines.


3. No on under 18 unless accompanied by an adult. (And no, you cannot have anyone already in the bar be your "adult")


4. All weapons are to be put into the WEAPONS ROOM upon entrance.


5. No public sex.


6. No public consumption of humans or human blood unless agreed upon by said human.


7. Keep OOC to a mininum.


8. No Lurking. (This means take a few moments to read the previous posts and find out what's going on and then make a post.)


9. Do not take 20-30 minutes to type a post. (If you need that long, let everyone know. We may need to continue on without you and have you come back in when you're ready.)


10. Please have a profile made before posting.


11. Owner/Mods reserve the right to boot anyone for any reason. (We are usually reasonable and will give warnings first but if it is severe, we will boot immediately.)


12. If your pic looks too young, there must be an age on your profile. 


13. BE RESPECTFUL (Ignoring this rule gets you an immediate kick and ban.)