Tannim Estate
The Tannim Estate (Formally Selene - and may be refered to as such at times) has been around for a very long time, spanning countless centuries. The walls that surround it have seen many of people come and go. Those walls still see people to this day, even some old arrivals once in a great while. The original housing of the Estate still serves as the main housing to all guests and residents with a few additions to help brighten it's path into the modern era. The architects did a superb job on maintaining the history of the place and not revealing it's modern additions so easily. Ninety-eight percent of the original building is still intact aside from a few walls and more lightning. Ancient artistic craving into the original structure of the Estate is very well kept after and very pleasing to the eye, only a few areas of the estate do not pose this type of art. A recent addition at the request of Kane towards a resident/guest, Dani, was to install a series of security cameras throughout public areas of the Estate and along the inner walls and enterances of the estate (the door and also the gate). Only two select private rooms have recieved cameras as well.

What is the purpose of this estate, though, such a long history it must've of had several purposes? You might be correct, the Estate did, in fact, have several purposes, all with the intent of its Owner, Kassandra. After Kassandra disappearance, Kane did his best to uphold some of those wishes to this day, but the estate didn't seem to get as many visits. The goals that Kassandra had set was to ensure that everyone is taken care of, things are free and those needing help are given help to the best of the staff ability. Another purpose is to allow people to enjoy their need for pleasure inside of the walls of the estate, whatever that maybe.

Battles have been waged locally around the Estate, some historical areas marked off for those guests who like to explore the history of a place. Two notable battles that have been talked about locally was between two gods that happen about a mile away from the entrance of the estate. The next battle was the son of one of the fallen god of the first battle and the victorious god, who once again won the battle. The Estate itself is pack full of history, having a collection of books beyond anyone imagination and a few in Kassandra's personal collection reach as far back as the birth of Jesus.
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Interested in some more information on the Estate? Feel free to look at Kassandra profile for more background on the Estate and how she obtained the estate.

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