Official Tavern of Astoria


Through out the sands of time one building has stood for as long as the man that owns it has. Just out of the corner of your eye, only a split second off is a tavern and if you are in need enough. Or lost enough you will always stumble upon it. No matter where you are from or where you are going this tavern will always seem to be found down that road just to the right, the road you didn't notice right away. And if you decide to take that path that isn't far from your main one.. You will find a two story run down tavern. The banister looks new but broken like someone had recently been thrown through it. Loud ruckus, laughter and fighting can be heard from within. This old style tavern with limited inn space above it is the place you should be. A place to hang your hat after a long day's worth of traveling.. Or just to wet your lips on the way by.

But this is where the mercenaries and outlaws mingle. Where the Angels and Demons argue, Where the fay and the kinder tease and where the vampires and the Dragon's feed. This is the Legendary Dragon's fang, it's rough, the stools will hurt your asses and the benches are no better. The fire warms up one side of the room. But the Meade is cheap and the bartender is also the bouncer. If your looking for hired goons or just looking to fight, this is the place to be. But don't step out too far out of line because if the bartender has to get involved it won't be pretty.

Dakkar Has taken a very special interest in one particular realm. This realm is called Astoria, Land of Legends. And because he has taken special interest he has scoured the land buying up every tavern in this realm he can find linking it back to The Dragon's Fang. And so the story begins between Astoria,the land of many tales and The Dragon`s Fang.















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We are currently looking to recruit new employees for our room. Since we currently are understaffed we could use every little help to keep this room open for anyone to roleplay in. This tavern is supposed to be a place where people can go for roleplay ideas, solutions or maybe even find a partner. We need people to tend to every traveler that enters our tavern and keeps them entertained and give them a reason to return. Especially when we have events going on we could use every little help to plan and execute this idea. It is not hard to become a waitress/tender in this tavern, as an employee your duties lie in greeting every guest that enters and tending to their order, our policy is simple: As long as they have a good story to tell, the drinks/food/beds are free.




We don’t expect you to stay in the tavern 24/7 but to at least keep the room open and check that everything is running smoothly and of course roleplay with them. You will be equipped with the ban-hammer so if anyone should cause trouble that you won’t have to wait for an owner to show up. It is important to welcome new guests and refer to our group page for info’s and rules so they know that they are allowed to roleplay here anytime.


If it happens that you are going away or have to concentrate on other things (like school/work etc.) Please be sure to inform us in time so we know we can still count on you, we won’t bite anyone’s head off because they have to leave for a few days or want to roleplay with someone/somewhere else. We are a nice bunch who get along great with one another and as long as you are honest, loyal and nice then there surely won’t be any problems.


It doesn’t matter what kind/race/sex your character is, as long as it can take care of regular duties like carrying drinks to tables, keep the place tidy and so on then it shouldn’t be any problem. We do however expect you to have a full profile of your character (Story…Pictures etc. etc.) so others can get a clear picture of who they are being served by.


Your character is of course not bound to the tavern for eternity, you can still attend normal roleplay with them and when their shift is done they walk home or do something else. If your character doesn’t have anywhere to stay then he/she will be offered a spare room in the maiden’s wing.


We are always open for new ideas and events to keep the story going for this room, a creative mind in this connection is therefore always wanted!


Here are some of the preferences we are looking for:


  • - Someone with a lot experience with roleplay. (It doesn’t matter how long you have been roleplaying for, we will test you to see how good you write)
  • - Good grammar. We are no grammar Nazis but we do hope that good readable sentences are assured.
  • - Time and interest is important. It’s vital that you can put effort in your roleplay and really enjoy playing in the room, it’s no use if you aren’t interested or give a crap to only then walk of the next day.
  • - As already mentioned, a full profile. We need to know who your character is and what he looks like so     others can get a better picture of who they are roleplaying with. (And also for Aelia to later make a group     picture with)
  • Did we catch your interest? Then head on over to the room and speak to Aelia Dragontis or Dakkar Dragontis for an interview! 
  • See you there!
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1) No dragging OOC into IC. Period. You have a problem argue with yourselves.
2) No one liners unless nessisary. 
3) Stay In character. You want to ooc We have an OOC room. 
4) No God Modding. All power levels are welcome here even people claiming to be gods. You know the difference between the two.
5) There is no discrimination of race or character type of any kind in here. Unless they sparkle. Then it's ok.
6) When one of the Mods steps in and says it's time to either stop or take it outside. You can stay in the room and fight. Just not the Tavern.
7) Bar fights happen. Either get out of the way or jump in. It's all in good fun but once again. Para and no god modding. Don't get mad if you get beat. This is a supernatural bar so there's always a healer within arm's length. You won't lose your character since the tavern won't let you die.
8) If you need to leave. Make an exit post. It can be short as you like. But make sure your not just standing in limbo. If you stand to long you will be drawn on.

9) Blank profiles will not be allowed to participate! 

10) There IS NO COUCH!