CreepyPasta Characters


Owners: Violent Violets, Roderick Nelson


Mods: Eye Shifter, Nightmare


Merchant: OFF


CreepyPasta Characters: All are open for using PM Eye Shifter or Violent Violets



1.) Not only is the room not smut friendly, No Smut in the room period, no smut profiles either, come on people, it says it is not a smut room - kissing is one thing and so is making out, but full-on sex? I'll ban your ass.

2.) OoC Discrimination of any type will NOT be tolerated.

3.) Please keep OoC comments to a minimum during RP. Quick updates such as AFK, BRB, and Back, are acceptable. Please have common courtesy and tell people if you are going to be gone for an extended period of time or need to step out of the RP for whatever reason, don't just leave people hanging.

4.) No God-moding or Cross-RPing; that means you cannot just teleport into the room, kill, maim, or rape characters without the player’s consent or any other action that makes unreasonable assumptions about someone else’s character. It also means you cannot bring strictly player knowledge or information into character without justifiable reasons, or bring OoC drama into IC.

5.) You cannot destroy the rooms of the manor. Yes things can be messed around a bit but you cannot destroy them in general.

6.) No completely blank profiles. You will be warned and then kicked. Your profile doesn’t have to be fancy; it doesn’t have to have a lot of information, just something in it to give people an idea of your character and your character's age.

7.) All Players must be 18+ to be in the room; yes I know you should be this age to be ON the site in the first place but we know there are underage people sneaking around. If you find someone is underage in the room, please screenshot the conversation and report them to a moderator or owner, and to the site. Anyone under 18 will be immediately banned from the room.

8.) There are no post limits, but please at least put a bit of effort into your posts and try to have Some grammatical correctness. We’re not asking for much, just simple capital letters at the beginning of sentences and a period at the end-it makes it much easier to read and the RP just flows better.

9.) No OoC Drama; if you have a problem with someone in OoC then please settle it in PMs or exercise the use of the Block Button, it works wonders. Do Not bring it into the room. Do Not bring OoC Drama from other rooms with you either-leave it at the door. Character Drama, however within limits, is perfectly fine.

10.) The Emotions are the only Lurkers allowed, but please do not give running OoC commentary if you are not participating. For all others, if you've posted at all and have to go afk or want a break in a scene, that's fine. Lurkers are defined as those that come in and NEVER say a word in IC or OOC chat.

11.) The moderators have the final say in decisions, please listen to them. If you believe they are abusing their power, or a mistake has been made, then take a screen shot and speak to one of the owners. We trust our moderators and they have the power to kick or ban people at their discretion if they are disrupting the flow of RP or breaking any of the above rules.

12.) We reserve the right to add or change these rules as necessary.


Slender's Forest

Under Construction - Check Back Often! We are your worst Nightmares


The Warning

There are Rumors going around about the forest around a certain area. It's said that people will go to, in search of something called The Slenderman. But are never seen again. Others say there are pages deep in the forest for collecting, and if you get all eight you get to live. But really it's just a normal forest right? Nothing suspicious about the tall trees, the rivers, The clearings of wild flowers, and the Lake with a beautiful mini water fall. But Deep in the woods, lays a gothic looking Mansion that to normal humans looks abandoned and run down. But to those that work for HIM. It was actually in good condition almost as if it was recently built. Only the Supernatural beings, unnatural entities who murder in the night, Dubbed Creepy pastas by the Humans, can access the mansion. But not all of the live there, some live all around the forest in Cabins they found or built themselves. Be ware of the Forest of the Great Slenderman. You may be the next to die, or permanently go missing. You have been warned to stay away from this very Forest, do you heed the warnings?


The Plot

Recently VV one of Slender's Proxies had gone to him with a great idea, using a police chief to hide the murders they commit and with that the Police Chief Roderick has been made to take a deal in which he must cover all the murdered. While that is done all his normal men have been killed off and replaced by Jeff, Ben, Masky, Hoodie, Toby, and a few others to keep the illiouson that the crime force is in fuill force. More to come as the story progresses.


OC Pastas

Yes we allow OC Pastas but only a li mited Number will be accepted Based on their backstories how they came to be and What caused them to turn into the Pasta they are. The whole things has to be original and rl true facts can be used for the back story. But NO MARY/JOE SUES ALLOWED, that includes the name they take on for Killing.


Coming soon

COming Soon a Basic set up of OCS and What is allowed and what is not allowed for Said OCs