The Basics


This is The Last Stand, Bed & Bar. An inn and pub establshment in the outskirts of the city of Avalon, which is the capital and main starport of a planet named Centura.


Being a science-fiction setting, it takes place in a high-tech focused enviroment, but that doesn't mean their can't be sexy elves or cute faeries. Magic is explained by sheer force of will, and any species or race can be explained by them being inhabitants of planet 'whatever'.


I try to welcome all forms of players to the room (once we get it up and actually working…), but that doesn't mean you can make a jerk of yourself. If there are OOC complaints about you being given to moderators or administration, you can expect to be kicked or banned depending on severity.


The Rules

1. Respect the mods, if they give you a warning about something that isn't a rule per sey, don't be a bitch about it, stop doing whatever it is you were doing.


2. Respect the other guests, do not harass someone because of their fetishes, orientation, post length, profile state, if they're not bothering you, don't bother them.


3. No "White Knighting". If you see a violent RP going on (rape, murder, etc) seek the permission of everyone involved in the RP, both victim and aggressor alike, before attempting to come in and "save" the victim. White Knighting into a situation where you are not welcome is considered disruptive, players in the room are assumed to be consenting adults not actually in need of saving. White Knighting is only acceptable if the scene is agreed upon by all parties involved.


4. Starting a (consentual) RP fight is fine, RP drama is welcome, everyone love's a good actiony-adventury-drama sort of scene. However, bare in mind that acting should be kept to acting, bitterness OOC over something that happened IC is unwelcome.


5. OOC Racism/sexism are not permitted, tread lightly using it IC.


6. Ask before advertising, LFRP ads (that are looking for RP and not simply advertising a room) are exempt from this rule.


7: Your profile needs to make it clear what your character is. It doesn't need any fancy coding, but it does need to answer the question 'What is this character'.


8. This is an RP focused room. If RP is happening, please keep the OOC chatter to a minimum. If someone asks that the OOC stops, than it must stop.


The Staff

Edran Calenon - Owner

Zellana - Security