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Selado was once a beautiful city, the hubb of trade, and a gathering place for people from many walks of life. The Utara Jungle, holding many diverse beings, used Selado as a central location where all important decisions were made for the jungle. That is, until the Zefon Empire assumed control. Under the rule of Cheskar the 'Great' the Utara Jungle was transformed into a hiding place for all beings he deemed 'unfit' to live within his kingdom. His militant group, called the Zefon Hand, expanded quickly to take over the territories that stretched outward from Cheskar's capital city.

Over the years many have fled from this group, coming together in the dense jungle that surrounds Selado, and created their own resistance. This group call themselves "Freedom's Light," and seek to undermine Cheskar's reign through Guerrilla like actions. This group used Selado as a base, until Zefon's Hand extended to their region and took the city.

Ten years ago, at the beginning of the Bloody Decade, Norman Edgardo Cannon stepped into power as Regent Lord of Selado. This power-corrupt man slowly worked his way through the ranks from the time Zefon's Hand first stepped into Selado. He envisioned himself the "Savior of the Land," and the only true way to wipe out the Guerrillas that hid in the jungle. He now controls Selado, running the city with fear that has been built over these past years.


Selado is nestled at the head waters of the Afratas River, the only river that courses through the whole of the Utara jungle, and is the main trade route for all villages within. The city itself has been carved from the truck of a large Agova tree, overlooking the cool pristine waters that flow past. Surrounding Selado are the peasantry, branching out in a network of small farms.

Starting from the bottom level of the tree the city continues upward. The main level are the shops, markets, the places where the peasants sell many of their goods. The next level holds the higher end markets, places of interest for the gentry of Selado. The third tier of Selado is where the military now resides. They separate the lower peasantry from the nobles and gentry of the city. The higher up the tree a person lives, the higher they are. The very top tier of Selado is reserved for the city's magistrates and the Regent Lord.

Regent Lord

Normand Edgardo Cannon

The Regent Lord controls all of Selado, and the surrounding area. He has positioned himself as ruler, and seeks to obliterate the Guerrillas that hide in the jungle surrounding his city using whatever force he deems fit.

Cannon has surrounded himself with four others that he calls his "council." These men and women are those closest to the Regent Lord, and although their true power is unknown, they are a force to be reckoned with. Each member of the Severin Council holds power over one part of Selado.

Captain of the Guard

Carter Arron Bradford

The Captain of the Guard is Cannon's oldest friend, and bloodiest soldier. Rumored to have lead the coup that unseated the true ruler of Selado, Bradford is a frightening man to behold. Many speak of his cold , soulless eyes, and the way they pierce into a man.

Bradford's role is head of the entire military occupying Selado. Through the military he enforces the laws, and carries out the orders from Cannon in attacking the Guerrillas. His purpose is to be the fist for Cannon, allowing the Regent Lord to appear the merciful of the two.

Regent Lord's Mage

Nola Ayala

Ayala is the most skilled Mage in her generation, whatever twisted her heart no one is quite sure of. All that is known of Ayala is that she favors Cannon with a sickening "love," and will do whatever tasks he asks of her.

She is Cannon's advisor on all things magical. She has extensive knowledge on magic, demons, other non-humans, and etheral beings. She is often locked away in her study permitting her Dunedda, or her minions, to do her common work.

Merchant Lord

Gerry Forbes

A grisly old man that always has had a keen eye for money, and never an issue with stabbing someone in the back for it. When he was approached by Cannon to fill this position his only concern was the profit gained. He is almost as greedy as he enjoys the sins of the flesh.

He rules over the merchants; keeping tabs on their accounts, merchandise, and how frequently their shops are visited. Also in charge of collecting the taxes from the citizens. He can be found strolling through the markets, but everyone fears when his eye lingers on their doorway for too long. The man does have his weakness for bribes, however.


Celina Delaney

Delaney appears a sweet-hearted woman, with a kind soul. Anyone who has been brought before her, or one of her underlings however, can tell you how wrong that is. She's cruel despite her age, with a heart as black as the rest of the Severin Council.

While Bradford enforces the laws, Delaney deals with those who have broken them. She and her underlings deal out the punishments in accordance to a person's crime, and how frequent their delinquency. She's the highest member of the judiciary in Selado, and everyone prays their crimes are not brought before her.

In the wake of assuming control of the city the Regent Lord enacted certain laws. These laws are strictly enforced by the military that occupy Selado. All punishments include time spent in the stockades, a fine paid, or servitude enacted upon. Some laws have their own specific punishments.


The city gates are closed when the street torches are being lit. There is a fifteen minute window where people are permitted to return to their specified side of the gates.

Punishment: Those who do not make it through the gate by curfew are left to fend for themselves on whichever side they are on.

Citizenship Passes

All citizens of Selado are required to carry a citizenship pass with them. This pass authenticates that they are a citizen of Selado, and grants them the rights to come and go from the city. It also denotes what level, or station, within Selado they are. Visitors passes are also granted to travelers, however this pass only lasts for one day.

Punishment: Those who are caught not carrying their citizenship pass inside city walls are immediately taken into holding, and questioned. Those attempting to leave, or attempting to enter the city are denied and taken before the Judge to explain themselves.


No one is permitted to nay-say against the Regent Lord, or any of his council. No speaking against the ruling class, no satire or ible of the ruling class. Any and all forms of slander against the party, council, or ruling class are against the law.

Punishment: Servitude is paid directly to whichever person the slanderous comments, or acts, were against. If the offense is great or repeated often in public forum than death is permitted.


Any and all forms of alcohol cannot be served to anyone outside military conscripts. Only those business who hold a specific license are permitted the sale of alcohol. This license is only given by the Captain of the Guard, Carter Arron Bradford, and Sirocco's Embrace is the only tavern to hold this license.

Punishment: Anyone caught selling alcohol without this license lose all their wealth, and are stripped of their rank. Continued offenses are punished by their business being destroyed. Those outside military conscript who are under the influence, or in possession of alcohol are detained, and "questioned."

Prostitution Outlawed

Any and all forms of prostitution whether it be for coin, goods, or services, is outlawed. Both parties involved in any occurrence of prostitution are held in fault.

Punishment: Men or women who are caught involved with prostitution are put on public display to show they are unclean. Men or women who attempt the 'purchase' of another individual is stripped of whatever coin, goods, or services they were going to use in exchange for the purchase.

Dress Code

All citizens are required to wear clothing appropriate to their station, and chosen profession.

Punishment: If the person insists on continually attempting fraud at dressing outside their class imprisonment, or hanging will be the next step.

Due to the military occupancy being composed largely of humans, they are wary of the non-humans that emerge from the jungle. Especially with Cannon's distaste for anything coming from the jungle, the soldiers are extra careful around those that are obviously not human.

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The bar is allowed because it is a favorite of the soldiers, and particularly the captain of the guard. Because they frequent the place, and are above the rest, they are allowed the things many others are not.

Ilithia runs the bar, and two of her companions assist her. Azren is in charge of the muscle hired to protect the individuals working there. Demifiend runs the fights the soldiers enjoy so much. Lyria, a favorite of Ili's, controls the musicians that entertain at the Inn.

Obviously the group is still a WIP,

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As we are a new group we're looking for all sorts of different players to help expand our little world. Below is a list of different types of characters that are available. This list is not all encompassing either. If you have an idea for a character that is not listed feel free to bring it up to one of the five.

Those in charge of the group are...






Possible characters to play-

    Soldier (Azren)

    General Villager

    Ring Fighter (Demifiend)

    Bar Employee (Ilithia)

      -Music (Lyria)



We're reserving the gentry and nobles as NPC characters.

If you wish to play a character that has one of the group leader's names italicized next to it, there is a reason. Please contact them before creating a character in one of those areas.