Pack Lupus Nocturnus.

From the ashes and debris of fallen packs, remnants of others come together to form a new faction.

Lupus Nocturnus, the Wolves of the Night.

Need a new pack to call home? We might just be for you. 


 More to come soon, but here's some basic 


-No trolling

-No smut profiles or smut rp. Keep that shit to PMs if you just HAVE to fuck something. 9_9

-We follow a 3 strikes policy.  Strike 1) A Warning, Strike 2) Room Kick, Strike 3) Ban. 

-We're a pretty laid-back group, so don't try to piss us off. You'd only be hurting yourself. 

-We are only as strong as our weakest member. That being said, everyone in the pack must be able to pull their own weight in order to remain. 

-Don't force someone to rp if they don't want to. If such a thing occurrs, it'll only be half-assed, and it won't be fun for anyone. 

Ranking System

- They are to be EARNED, not Expected. If you wish to apply for a Higher Rank, you must challenge someone of a higher rank than you. Once the fight is over, the Alpha will determine placement of the victor. If the Alpha is unavailable, the Beta will make the decision, and so on. 

Alpha - Ronin Rei

Alpha is to be obeyed without question. Alphas have the final say, and there can only be two: Male and Female. 

Beta - Fad

Second in command and answer only to the Alpha. If the Alpha is unavailable, a Beta may make decisions in their absence. Like the Alpha, there can only be one Beta Male and Beta Female.

Seer/Peacekeeper - open

If there is a conflict within the pack, the Peacekeeper will be deployed to help diffuse the situation. If the Peacekeeper is unsuccessful, an Alpha or Beta will be called in. 

Shaman/Healer - open

These are the for  lack of better words, the Medic of the group. The Shaman is charged with the duties of healing any wounds within a pack, and keeping up with overall health, be it mental or physical. 

Gamma /Subordinates- open

The most trusted Soldiers of the Alpha. The creme de la creme, they are hand-picked personally by the Alphas themselves, in order to protect the pack from outside threats. 

Omega / Adolescent or Pup (All new members start out at this rank) - open

The lowest of the proverbial food chain. When joining the pack, all new members will be placed here, until a specific skill, or new rank request is made available.