Still under construction! Thank you for your cooperation. 


Rules and layout will be up as soon as the owner has time! Meanwhile, stay civil in our chat room, please~ Drama/spamming/trolling are punishable offenses, this is your only warning until a more formal setup has been arranged. 


The group plot is progressive and does not focus on any one character or group of characters. Should you choose to join our group or room, you are responsible for the advancement of your own character's storyline. Group owner/moderators have no problem portraying the machinations of your character's downfall, provided we are given enough information about your character and are able to plausibly come up with creatures and areas to suit.



Alessa/Heather has abandoned God, and as such, She now seeks a replacement vessel from which to be born. She is only able to maintain Herself through the manifestation of Otherworld, and the horrors that people have wrought on themselves. Any and all who enter Silent Hill are broken, be they former residents trapped in the fog-ridden town or individuals with ties to this place. 


You can never leave. Death is only a brief respite.