Skies of Averia

Galaxy Mix


Venture into Space and Save the World!

The year is 2114. Unusual events have occurred on Earth, forcing brave volunteers to dive into the depths of space, in search for help. These dynamic individuals leave the Solar System in an epic and noble mission. They will come across new planets, mysteries and enemies as they seek aid for their planet.

An epic, sci-fi fantasy adventure waiting to unfold.

An epic fantasy adventure spanning across planets and universes. Join the quest
to save Earth and experience the saga of a lifetime.

-Join a ship and lend your skills to its success.
-Recruit your crew and customize your party
-Travel through space, as well as venture on the surface of beautiful and dangerous planets

-Immerse yourself in a wonderful, exciting and challenging storyline
-Use your personal weapons, abilities, powers, vehicles and mecha!

-Infinite Character development and interaction possibilities!
-Play as Canon characters from your favourite series or create an Original character

Character Selection

1. You may choose any canon character or original character as long as they fit in the setting.
Canon characters from any series are fine.

Canon Characters available from the following series:

Star Ocean, Xenosaga, Tales of,  Zoids, Tenchi Muyo, Gundam, Final Fantasy and more!

Battle System

1. As far as battle systems go, auto-hitting is not allowed. Don't god-mod, don't be OP. Be reasonable.

Join the Adventure Now!


1. Be respectful out of character. If someone is blatantly rude or offensive to anyone in the room, a moderator will give said person a warning. If the offensive dialogue or behavior continues, the person will be kicked from the room. Persistent irresponsible behaviour may result in banning.

2. Do not criticize other member's character selection, writing style, grammar, post length, etc. If you want to politely ask a member to do something differently, feel free to. But each member's individuality must be respected. No one has to change their style to make someone else happy.

3. OOC chat is encouraged. If necessary, a seperate OOC room will be created for your convenience.

4. If you are having an OOC argument or debate, if it gets out of hand you may be asked by other members or by a moderator to take the discussion to PM. Please respect the requests of others, or simply calm down the conversation.

5. If a moderator or admin asks you to refrain from doing something in the room, please listen to them. They are simply looking out for the well being of the group and all of its members. Respect the admins and moderators. Respect the group members.

6. If someone is being bothered or harrassed by someone in the room, they can speak with an admin or moderator about the situation. The admin/mod will help resolve the situation

More rules will be added if and when they are needed. If a guest or member has any questions, comments or suggestions, they are free to speak with an admin or mod about them.

(Pictures here are from the video game Star Ocean 4. We do not own them.)