The Yaoi Haven

Welcome to Yaoi Haven a room inhabited only by males.

Welcome to Yaoi Haven a room inhabited only by males. Male characters from all different universes are free to gather here and converse in search of companions, partners, or simple interaction. This room could be a tavern, a night club, a valley, a forest, it is whatever media you wish to set yourself and your characters to find new and interesting storylines.

We fully support groups within groups. If you'd like to run a bar or a tavern out of the room that's great. If you'd like your 'Group' to be listed on this page with members/occupations just PM Metal Bat and it'll be added.

Of course we have rules just as any other room. We expect them to be followed and if they aren't then you will be dealing with a room owner or a moderator. The usual apply: warning, kick, ban. However if a female character is seen to be in the Haven more than two attempts there will be a ban, and sometimes an auto-ban depending. We appreciate you following the rules set for this space and hope that you enjoy yourself for the time you are here. Thankyou for taking the time to read over the group page. It is very appreciated.

1.) No female characters/chracters that identify as female are permitted within the room under any circumstance and are kicked on sight. Crossdressers and femboys are welcome. FtM transgenders will be accepted on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by ZOD.

1a.) While we don't expect everyone to have an elaborate profile we do expect you to establish your character as male by at least filling out the information header. If we can not ascertain that your character is male then you may be kicked.

2.) Rp always takes presidence over OOC chatter. Please try not to interupt any number of people playing by flooding the room with bubbles. OOC is welcomed when there is no RP currently happening in the room but it should not be excessive.

2a.) OOC issues, problems, regardless of gender should not be discussed openly in the room. While we welcome female players and not characters this is still a 'male' room and we ask that you keep personal discussions that regard it to yourself or to PMs. 

3.) Please know the difference between IC and OOC. Not the same.

4.) Literacy is a must. There is a minimum intelligence requirement on remaining in the room. Trolling is not tollerated.

5.) Personal issues are not the business of the room or it's leaders. Only interactions in chat will be delt with by any of the leaders or mods.

6.) I want to stress again that everyone feels comfortable talking to any of the mods or the owners about any questions, comments, problems, or opinions that you have. We are here to make this a fun place for both ourselves and for you.