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Most people live on the brighter side of society. A place where life is a simple path through moments of success, fulfillment, and happiness, occassionally blocked by obstacles of pain, heartarch, and loss. Most people never have to live in the grey areas of moral uncertainty. Most don't need constant sedation to escape reality. Most go their whole lives without ever having to stare death in the face.

Our story, however, is not set in that side of the world. The darker, harsher path walked by those of an entirely different reality are who our story will follow. A world of constant fear, inescapable vices, resigned cynicism, cribbling addiction, violent cruelty, and consuming rage is the world in which we find ourselves; and its inhabitants are far more numerous than most of those on the other side care to admit.

Likewise, ever further still, beneath the "monsters we know" lurk an entirely different breed of beast. Monsters thought of as nothing more than myth and legend, tales from a older time when reason and tolerance gave way to superstitution and mistrust. But these monsters are far from superstitutions and far more dangerous than any thug or mob hitman. Witches, vampires, skinwalkers, and more all share these streets with humans. Some seeking coexistence, some seeking sustenance, and others seeking more.

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Alexei "Alex" Babic



notable places and lore

The Devil's Playground

To most passers-by, the Devil's Playground is just another bar nestled within the sea of distraction serving establishments in NYC. One thing that does set the Playground apart from other bars is its age, which dates back to the Prohibition Era. Another unique quality of the Playground is that it has remained within the hands of the same family that founded it, the Byrnes.

The Playground, however, is far more than it appears. Despite its facade as just another sketchy, dive bar with a checkered past, the Devil's Playground is actually known within the supernatural community as a safe haven for anything that's "not exactly human". The Playground also hasn't been owned by the same family since its opening day, it's been owned and ran by the same person, Shawn Byrne, a 300 year old vampire. While anyone is technically welcome, the bar is generally avoided by normal humans simply because of the reputation it has built. However, it is almost always filled to the brim with civilized supernaturals from all walks of life, from all species. Most people consider the Playground to be neutral territory where all types can come together and have a moment of rowdy, belligerent, drunken fun.

Witches and Witchcraft

Witches are humans with the ability to affect change by supernatural or paranormal means. Witches can be male or female and while some male witches prefer the term "warlock". Due to widespread fear of their abilities, witches have historically been feared, persecuted, and hunted, the Salem Witch Trials perhaps the most well known incident. As a result, witches generally hide their gifts, collecting into covens for strength in numbers, and practicing their craft in secret. However, many witches use their gifts for nefarious purposes or gains in wealth, influence, or power. In addition to the ability all witches possess to perform rituals and incantations, most witches display an innate ability as well, such as telekinesis or pyrokinesis.

These practices and inherent abilities of some witches are collectively referred to as witchcraft or magic and are only practicable by witches born with the ability to practice. Exact disciplines, styles, and ingredients used within incantation or rituals vary depending on their origins and practioners. Some are considered taboo while others pure. Most style of practice, however, are seen as no more evil or good than a gun. Depending on who's hands it falls into, magic can be either or sometimes both.


A supernatural, or "monster", are collective terms used to refer to creatures, usually former humans, endowed with some supernatural abilities who generally rely upon humans, in some way, for sustenance. Although encompassing a vast array of species such as vampires and lycanthropes, many share common traits, such as greater strength, extended life, and greater endurance (invulnerability) and/or regeneration. Supernaturals or supernatural creaturesare generally the "group label" preferred among those included within this group, though most supernatural creatures prefer to be referred to as their specific species (e.g. Vampire, werewolf, etc.).


Why do we need characters to be approved? Do we have to make a new character to just to join?

Not necessarily. While we want to be strict regarding what types of characters we allow in, the MAIN reason we want to "approve" characters before they join is mainly as a means to "approve" the player. I will say this only once, WE WANT LITERATE PLAYERS WHO HAVE ADEQUATE GRAMMAR, CAN TYPE MORE THAN 3 SENTENCES FOR A POST, AND AT LEAST HAVE A BASIC UNDERSTANDING OF STORYTELLING.

What types of supernatural creatures are actually allowed?

Short answer: Any. So long as they aren't overpowered. I'm even tempted to allow gods, again, so long as power play isn't the goal. Long answer: Most supernatural races are going to be allowed. I'm hoping to built a pretty diverse community of players with various background and origins. That being said, the main focus of the character should be the CHARATER, not what he is or what powers he has. It should be a spice to the dish that is our character, but it shouldn't BE the character.

Will there be events or an overarching plot?

Yes and yes. There will be a plot and there will be occasional events. However, I also want to emphasize character development. This roleplay will be character-driven, where the actions of the characters and their quests for answers essentially serving as the engine behind where the plots lead and how quickly they advance. Certain actions made by the characters will decide where plots lead and what further adversities they will face. Please never underestimate the impact of your character's decisions. I pay attention and your decisions will come back to haunt you. I promise.

Are there restrictions regarding PC-NPC interactions?

No. Just understand that like in the real world, if you commit a crime, the same real world rules apply (law enforcement and all that). Additionally, you might want to know what rules the school has regarding certain behaviors or actions, such as the use of magic outside of school. The only thing we ask is that you not kill an NPC used by mods in crucial roles. When dealing with these types of NPCs, wait until a mod gives you the go ahead to kill them.

Are evil characters allowed?

Yes. Just remember, same real world rules apply to committing crimes and do not kill an NPC that you don't own, unless given permission by the owner. Also remember, if good characters find out about an evil character, that evil character will become a target and they will not be welcomed in general roleplays. SO in short, yes, play an evil character if you so desire, at your own risk, LOL.