1. The D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) edition that will be preferred in the room is Fifth Edition(5E). Older editions are less adaptable and diminish creativity.


2. No drama. That's the number one rule. This group and room are not for your personal bullshit, if you have a problem you're going to leave it at the door when you come in. You can get take it back once you're out the door again.


3. No trolling, flaming, God-Mods or what-have-you. Unless you're doing paragraph RP, I will not accept 'IC-Trolling' as an excuse, idgaf. Trolls are banned, outright. God-Modders include immortals of the Non-Deity variety, Over Powered Characters, Abilities that bend the 'General' laws of the universe unless 'O-K'd' by an owner or moderator.


4. Profiles must have some form of Attribute allocation about your characters. This is not an option. You wanna roll dice? You need to have some form of 'character sheet' from 5E. Homebrew is most likely not accepted, come to an Owner if you want to try your luck; it's a case-by-case thing, as much of it is overpowered. If you 


  1. 4. OoC is more than welcome. Go ahead and have a chat about whatever you want. No one is going to stop you from having your fun, just keep your conversation within the bounds of the rules and everyone will be happy..


  3. 5. Please be courteous of other typists. Whether or not you're having an indepth discussion or just some small banter around the campfire, a few glasses of ale. The Ship's Holodeck. Whatever. Just be courteous and mindful that your words, OoC-wise, do not disrespect the someone you're talking to.


  5. 6. No usually means no. If a person tells you 'no', you shouldn't keep pressing for whatever it is you're after. Unless it's a specific part a RP, or the 'victim' is consenting, you should not continue your actions.


  7. 7. Probably best if you didn't smut in the room, thanks. It isn't barred from the room completely, but this room will not be based around fucking. It's not a smut room.


  9. 8. This is not a debate room. Arguments are not withheld from the room, but they are certainly frowned upon. If you're going to argue, do it In Character in a tavern so a bar-fight can break loose.

  2. 9. You don't need to be warned to be kicked, but usually three kicks means a ban. Unless of course, you're banned outright. Ban's don't need to be permanent, depending on the severity of ones actions. Stupid shit will get you banned.


  4. 10. This room's Prime Directive is to welcome anything that does not fit in to Modern-Day scenarios and to kick out anything modern. Fantasy is welcome. Magic is welcome. Demons, Angels, Anthropomorphic Creatures are welcome. Marilyn Monroe? No.


11. Every character can be killed in some way, even some Gods. Angels, demons and 'DemiGod-like' ilk are also mortal when on the mortal planes. They can be sealed, sent back to their plane of existence prior, or straight-up killed. Sure, they've got some strange magic going on but a powerful wizard will still be able to lock you behind a field to try and finish an hour long ritual to destroy your essense.

The Fantasy
What We're AboutPositions

We are a completely Fantasy based room. Mythical creatures to Aliens aboard a Dreadnought sized carrier are all welcomed with opened arms. Some people will have their own settings and not everyone will be able to Roleplay with one another, unless you want to. That's your choice. No one is going to take that away from you.


Above is merely a default image of what the world can be but your imagination is the only limit to where adventures can take you. Trudge through the Everglades with a fifty-foot high canopy of trees obscuring the sunlight above your head. Defeat a hoard of skeletons in a dungeon ravished by Necromancers. Seriously, whatever you're interested in; go ahead on do it as long as its not against the rules.


We don't appreciate modern-day settings, characters or the like. That includes certain Modern-Day fantasy; IE. No Twilight, no Bleach, no Underworld. You catch the drift? Steanpunk is fine. Victorian Era is alright, but we still want it to be mostly about the Fantasy and Sci-Fi.


Description of the Area


On the world known as Deslorium, a planet teeming with life and odd energies, our story begins on one large chunk of earth.  The land of Velgoria, a huge continent spanning along both Tropics with the Southern portion going low enough to get snow during the cold seasons. The kingdom, known as Zammeran, is toward the Southern Shelf of the continent. Zammeran is in the center of a huge valley, atop a possibly magically created plateau overlooking the valley.


Across the valley between the palace and the mountain ranges are several small communities and two larger municipalities. Outlandish areas are mostly marsh and swamp toward the inland with deep, murky forests and many small ponds and several big lakes. The rivers are typically wide and meandering but there are several locations where you come upon white-rapids.


On the other side, toward the mountains you get the natural logging forests with huge trees of deciduous species. And resource mines. There are also magical runes, dungeons and such with mythical creatures all about. Dragons are seen as intelligent creatures and are not to be killed unless proven to be a menace and danger to people.


There are many different cultures, races and societies throughout the kindgom of Zammeran. From Woodland elves, to water nymphs. Trolls of many different varieties span across the lands, some feral while others are mildly intelligent and won't try to smash your head in on site. Drow and dwarves typically run the mines, though there are humans venturing for work in them.


Most major settlements are largely run by either Humans, Elves, Dwarves or a combination of the three. There are two deligates from each race to act as The Derectorate. These individuals are all respected within their nationality and regions, voted by the majorities in to their seat. The other, 'less-notable' races have their needs discussed by their Envoy. An Envoy can be any number of people and if a race is deemed capable of helping the kingdom as a whole they will be given  a seat in the Derectorate.

Positions will go here, eventually, promise.