To the most beautiful place in the world



Hello there, and welcome to our Paradise. My name is Touya, and it is truely a pleasure to meet you.



So, this is my home. For the most part. It's my Sister's land.


There is always room, and plenty to hunt, here, let me show you around a little


But not just mine of course. It was also the home of my Sister, our pack, our families, and any other who may need rest and shelter for the night.


Our lands reach far, as far as the eye can see, We've spent YEARS claiming, and scenting, and PAYING for it.




 The main house



 Touyas place in the woods


 The Pack












We have no feud with anyone, our species or not. And everyone is welcome. We've even excepted humans into the pack before.(Special requirements must be met.)

ALL ARE WELCOME> Vamps, zombies, demons, squirruls. Everyone.(To visit and chat. Not allowed to join unless I say so.)

So yeah, just ask someone, they'll help you out. 


Everyone is welcome! Please, contact Touya Lee or Dawn Devani for anything you may need.



1: Accept that this pack has been around, probably longer than you were alive. And your opinion on HOW I run it, or WHO I let in it, isn't welcome.

(Unless you're IN the pack)


2: ALWAYS Address the Alphas first. Even if you don't talk to them, even if they don't talk to you, even if you're OOC. It's out of respect for their lands.


3:Fighting is not allowed in the room unless it's in the scene.


4: God moders will be warned once, then kicked.


5: If you are kicked once, and allowed back in, you will not be given another warning if you continue, you will just be banned. Without word.


6: There is no posting order, so just make sure everyone that you are rping with, has posted before you do.


7: It doesn't matter if they have a Hammer or not, If I say someone is in charge, they are. Even if you're a Beta, and they aren't even in the pack.


8: RAPE PLAY IS NOT ALLOWED IN THE ROOM UNLESS both or all parties involved (mainly the victim) have PMed Dawn or Toy confirming

that it IS consenual for their character to be raped. ALSO, the OWNER involved will be sure it is okay with other users CURRENTLY in the room.

This is to prevent any unwanted distress it may cause to ACTUAL REAL LIFE RAPE VICTIMS, it will not be overlooked. Any users seen getting rapey without first confirming with an owner will be kicked without word, SO CONSIDER THIS YOUR WARNING!!!



9.I will write more later