Gay Males

Welcome to the Gay Males group page.

The first floor holds the lounge and some tables and chairs with booths and couches, laundry room, bathroom, a fully stalked kitchen and bar. The second floor has bedrroms with bathrooms.


Please read all the rules before entering!!


The rules are as follows.

Just respect people.

For fucks sake this is an adult site if you can't be respectful then you shouldn't be here.
Suck my penis if you don't like it.



1.) Please have a male or male identifying character before entering the room. The exception to this is if your character is a trap, femboy, a female to male transexual or a pre-op played male to female transexual that answers to female connotations.


2.) This is a DRAMA FREE ZONE. We want to keep it that way, that means leave your bad day and your other roleplay issues outside the room.


3.) This is an OOC and IC room. If heavy roleplay is happening in room please try to keep ooc to a minimum.


4.) Although we are not against people with empty profiles, if you are seeking roleplay, please have at least something to help us help you find roleplay.


5.) No being a Dick or Twattter. And absolutely NO TROLLING. After a warning you are subject to be kicked without any further notice.


6.) If you are having issue with someone in the room in pms, please screen shot it and talk to a room owner about your issue. We STRONGLY incourage you sort it through on your own, but if it cannot be resolved and they have more than one complaint, a temporary room ban of 3 days will be issued.


7.) NO RACIAL SLUR TERMS IN ROOM. This will not be tolerated and will get you kicked without warning. A second offense is an automatic ban.


Now that the room rules have been read.

Please enjoy your time in Gay Males.



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