Coming Soon! Northwest by Night is a room for Classic World of Darkness play for characters from Vampire the Masquerade, Mage the Ascension, Werewolf the Apocalypse, Changeling the Dreaming, Kindred of the East, Demon the Fallen, Hunter the Reckoning and the various Victorian and dark ages settings associated with each. No Exalted, no Scion, and NO New World of Darkness Characters. The game will be set between Seattle and Vancouver. More information will be available on the Group Page, including character creation requirements as soon as possible. Until then, feel free to talk to an owner or Mod about any questions you have.




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All Characters MUST have a Character Sheet on their profile in some manner, we are happy to assist people in doing this.

All Characters MUST be approved by an Owner before they can officially enter the storylines.

All Characters must be from one of the following game systems:

* Vampire the Masquerade
* Mage the Ascension
* Werewolf the Apocalypse
* Changeling the Dreaming
* Demon the Fallen
* Hunter the Reckoning
* Kindred of the East

The following are things we will outright decline:

* Abominations
* Members of the Black Hand
* Harbingers of the Skull
* Black Spiral Dancers
* Alternate Clan Bloodlines
* Baali
* Nephandi
* Mauraders
* ”True Brujah” or characters with the Temporus Discipline
* Mummies
* Wraiths
* Thin Bloods (14th and 15th Generation Vampires)
* Anything New World of Darkness
* Earthbound
* Iconic characters from the settings. No you cannot play Dracula.
* Street Fighter characters – yes, I know it’s an old WW system, the answer is still no.

*** Giovanni vampires will be approved on a case by case basis given the very scary invasion of RPH by some very poorly made ones in the past.

For each character, you will use the basic character creation rules with the following exceptions:

* You may use UP TO 200 Freebie points for your characters. This means you can make them very powerful or you can still make a newly awakened or neonate, etc. or something in between.
* A Vampire’s Generation may not be lower than 7th.
* For all, no Abilities or Traits above level 5.
* A Vampire may not have more than three Disciplines at level 5.
* A Mage may not have more than three spheres at level 5.

*** Owner and Moderator characters will have at least one character that is slightly more powerful, this is to help move the story along, to provide clues, hints, and generally a boon granted for all the crap they put up with just for being a Moderator. As we get more players, there will be more moderators, we will be looking immediately for people that can keep the room open all the time and some RP going, even if it’s just free-form and story. We know most people have school, work, etc., real lives, so the more people we can get to help with this, the better. Let us know if you wish to be a moderator, and then show us in room why you deserve to be one.

More Links and Information to Come!!!


The following sheets were taken from MrGone's site, the only changes made were reduction of the file size and extending file permissions so that you may edit these and save them in Adobe Reader.

You may have to click the link twice for it to open or right-click to a new tab. Also, if load times are slow, try refreshing.

Vampire Mage Werewolf

Demon Hunter Changeling

Eastern Kindred Mortals Gypsies

Loki Orphe

Caoimhe Asthore

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1.) The moderators have the final say in decisions, please listen to them. If you believe they are abusing their power, or a mistake has been made, then take a screen shot and speak to one of the owners. We trust our moderators and they have the power to kick or ban people at their discretion if they are disrupting the flow of RP or breaking any of the following rules.

2.) Lurking. Lurking can be creepy, and not in a good way. You are welcome to come and watch the RP for a reasonable period of time but if you come in for hours and hours and ignore moderate requests then you're going to be kicked. We are looking for people to Role Play, not just sit. Yes, you can lurk while you talk to a mod about making an appropriate character or get character help. No, you cannot lurk while you spend hours coding your profile and don't respond to anyone. Keyword there, respond.

3.) There will be no smut in the room beyond kissing and light petting, take it to the Illicit, a private room, or PMs. You will be warned once and then kicked.

4.) OoC Discrimination of any type will NOT be tolerated.

5.) Please keep OoC comments to an absolute minimum, using a separate OoC room if necessary. Quick updates such as AFK, BRB, and Back, are acceptable.

6.) No God-moding or Cross-RPing; that means you cannot just teleport into the room, kill, maim, or rape characters without the player’s consent or any other action that makes unreasonable assumptions about someone else’s character. It also means you cannot bring strictly player knowledge or information into character without justifiable reasons, or bring OoC drama into IC.

7.) Destruction of buildings, major landmarks, and maybe even cities, will be allowed, BUT! there will be lots of roleplay involved in it and an opportunity for an opposing faction to get involved if necessary..

8.) No completely blank profiles. You will be warned and then kicked. Your profile doesn’t have to be fancy; it doesn’t have to have a lot of information, just something in it to give people an idea of your character.

9.) All Players must be 18+ to be in the room; yes I know you should be this age to be ON the site in the first place but we know there are underage people sneaking around. If you find someone is underage in the room, please screenshot the conversation and report them to a moderator or owner, and to the site. Anyone under 18 will be immediately banned from the room.

10.) All player characters must be 15+. If you want your character to have an NPC child that's played by your or someone sparringly, so be it, but this is really not a storyline for child characters.

11.) There are no post limits, but please at least put a bit of effort into your posts and try to have Some grammatical correctness. We’re not asking for much, just simple capital letters at the beginning of sentences and a period at the end-it makes it much easier to read and the RP just flows better.

12.) No OoC Drama; if you have a problem with someone in OoC then please settle it in PMs or exercise the use of the Block Button, it works wonders. Do Not bring it into the room. Do Not bring OoC Drama from other rooms with you either-leave it at the door. Character Drama, however, is perfectly fine.

13.) We reserve the right to add or change these rules as necessary.