• Welcome!

    Gun Gale Online is based on the Phantom Bullet arc in the light novel Sword Art Online. Click the "Background" and "Mechanics" tabs to view more information about the VRMMORPG.


    1. Conduct Yourself Appropriately

    We're all adults here, act like one. Don't make an idiot of yourself and leave your problems at the door.

    On the flipside, don't be shy! We're welcoming people. Most of us.

    2. Characters

    You must have a profile filled out in order to stay in the room. Original characters (OC) and canon characters are allowed. Duplicates are also allowed. However in the event of an RP, duplicates cannot participate in that arc. You're welcome to open a new room or do RP over PM.

    Note that this is a clean group, no profiles that are purely smut.

    3. Roleplay

    When there is roleplay going on, please limit OOC unless necessary. If you wish to talk to someone, do it over PM or open another room. Do take note of the mechanics though, and try to make a character around those rules as necessary. Of course, blantant cheaters or those that don't make the RP fun will be kicked.

    Due to the combative nature of the setting, it is up to the participants to agree on how combat flows.

  • Background

    Gun Gale Online (GGO) is a Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter (VRMMOFPS) that is based on The Seed Nexus, which in turn is based on the first VRMMORPG: Sword Art Online (SAO). Operations started on April 2025 by an American company. Because of its use of The Seed, players can convert their avatars from other VRMMORPGs based on the system into GGO and vice versa.

    However, unlike SAO and it's immediate successor, ALfheim Online (ALO), GGO takes place in a futuristic wasteland where players primarily use guns in combat. The game offers both PvE and PvP combat. One of the most popular events that helped GGO gain popularity is its massive tournament called Bullet of Bullets (BoB).


    Gun Gale Online takes place around the crash site of the Space Battle Cruiser Gurokken, whose final mission was to return to the planet. Evidently the crash site surrounds the ruins of an advanced ancient civilization populated with mutants and littered with automatons. This gives players mobs to hunt for income and resources.

    The wreckage of the cruiser provides a sort of ad-hoc hub city. This acts as a safe zone where players can interact with each other, buy and sell gear, and register for game events.

    Bullet of Bullets (BoB)

    Bullet of Bullets is a massive player versus player (PvP) tournament. The tournament is held monthly, with two separate tournaments: one in America and one in Japan.

    The tournament is held in two stages. The preliminaries randomly pit two players in 1v1 duels in assorted 1 square kilometer maps. Both players are given a space of at least 500m. Preliminaries are single elimination, if the player loses, they're out of the tournament. Preliminaries last until 30 players are left.

    The second stage, held a week later, takes the top 30 players and puts them in a 10 kilometer diameter arena called ISL Ragnarok for a battle royale. Every player has access to the Satellite Scan Terminal, which reveals the location of every player every 15 minutes, except those under optic stealth or hiding in a cave or underwater.

    Rewards are given to the 30 players who make it. Prizes include either rare in-game items or a model gun in the real world.

  • Game Mechanics

    Players' abilities are determined by five major stats: AGI (Agility): Movement speed; VIT (Vitality): Health; DEX (Dexterity): Accuracy; STR (Strength): Carrying capacity and gun usage; DEF (Defense): Defense against damage;
    Each time a player levels up, they can spend points to grow their stats. Players can also gain skills related to their weapons or item creation.

    The main types of weapons are:


    Light based weapons primarily used for mob hunting. They have the advantage of being lighter, less bulky, and fire in a straight line instantly. However, their effectiveness diminishes at longer ranges and defensive fields can disperse the damage.

    Live Ammunition

    Weapons meant for PvP battles, since they ignore the defensive properties of optical weapons, as well as deliver higher damage per shot. However, they're heavy, require ammo, and are affected by physics, including wind, humidity, gravity, and bullet flight time.

    Non-gun weapons

    GGO offers weapons like knives and light sabers.

    Players can form squads and guilds like any other MMORPG. Unlike most MMORGPs, but like ALO, if a player logs out, their body remains "soulless" and is vulnerable to looting for some time. Finally the game has a monthly fee of 3000 yen a month. GGO is also one of the only VRMMORPGs that allow conversion of in-game currency into real world money.

    Note About Weaponry

    Optical guns are about as fancy and flashy as they can be. There's no real rule on what they're based on. Though it might be a good idea to take cues from other sci-fi works that use laser guns like Star Wars for ideas.

    Live ammunition guns are based on real world guns. If you need an idea of guns to use, visit World Guns. Do note that larger caliber weaponry or larger guns in general require a higher STR stat. A player may only carry a primary gun and a side arm (pistol or small SMG).

    Note About Shooting

    When a player aims his or her gun, a trajectory line is visible to both players momentarily. Players who are fast enough can react in time to avoid these lines. The only exception is when players have not noticed each other, in which case only the shooter can see the trajectory line.