Enemiess of all Mankind

The fabled Libertatia is the paradise of pirates and free sea-faring men. Libertatia is an oasis, a safe haven and the home of pirates from around the world.

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free peoples

Pirates come from almost every region in the world, and thus, their cultural backgrounds and motivations are unique. From Africa to Asia, corsairs, barbaries, privateers and vikings all share one thing in common: A love of freedom. From sea to land, pirates all operate under their own unique rules, unbound by the laws of the land.



This roleplay will obviously implement darker forces, drama and mature concepts. Thus, it is NC-17. Fantasy and scientific themes are allowed, but keep characters in the more ancient world.


Pirates, sailors and navy men from all areas are allowed. All pirates were not the same, and as such, your character does not necessarily need to have an eyepatch and a wooden leg - in fact, most pirates did not have these! So as long as your character is appropriate, it works. Vikings, corsairs and even "sea people" are allowed, as all were pirates in their own rights.


This RP has both land and sea components, and will explore the life of pirates, sailors and travelers as adventurers, and the mythological world they lived in.




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Although the truth behind pirates have been exposed, there is a world forged in nautical myth that binds, separates and intensifies their reality.

different species


Every pirate, sailor and navy personnel is usually a human. Humans are your stereotypical race, with moderate stats. Human cannot inherit or harness magic naturally, unless by using a conductor.


Selkies and mercreatures are two example of cursed humans, related to pirates and sailors, whom were transformed by angry gods into sea creatures. They, thus, make excellent sailors, and can aid other pirates and other navy men and women with certain tasks. Other examples are Delphines and Sirens.


Deities often take human form, and can manipulate, craft and are even tied to certain traditions, myths and elements. They often join sailors for their own purposes.

Deities cannot die, but follow the rules of energy, and are not all knowing. If you play as a Deity, you are bound to the typical rules of a deity.

Ship Cats

Ship cats are drowned or slain humans, cursed and bound to their former life. They inhabit a cat, eventually finding their way back onto a ship. These cats can and often take human form, to once more enjoy the pleasures of the sea. A Ship Cat is said to bring good luck. Depending on the region, a Ship Cat can take on different, individual forms. They are bound to a ship, usually their former ship, until "freed".


Although the truth behind pirates have been exposed, there is a world forged in nautical myth that binds, separates and intensifies their reality.

Pirate Ships come in all shapes and sizes. Some ships have been blessed, whereas others have been cursed. One's ship is their pride, as grand ships cost a lot of money, and their reputation is linked to the captain.


There are certain mythological islands, treasures and themes that are seen throughout various areas. Some of the islands are listed below.


The island of Libertatia is found in paradise -- or Madagascar. Libertatia is the safehaven for pirates, and the flags flown are white, to represent amnesty. Libertatia is a sprawling city, where all walks, manners, races and kind of pirate can gather to restock, replenish and enjoy the finer life made up of booze and women (or men!)


The city of Atlantis was a major, militant city that seemed to fear otusiders, accepting passage only to those who were known allies. Once Atlantis sunk, it was only accessible by special permissions and a passageway that are known only to a few. Atlantis holds ancient secrets that most sailors are not privvy to.








Different ships have different strengths and weaknesses. The ships are listed here, with their appropriate captains.