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About the World of Verses...

This roleplay is primarily fantasy-based. Meant to satisfy the needs of those whom seek a true game in an RP setting, this world focuses on building and destroying relationships between characters with the use of drama, plot and events.

Who can Join?

The roleplay is in an open registration phase at the moment.

Characters are allowed to join but everyone, unless creating a profile specifically for play, must be approved first.

Roleplay Rating

This roleplay is rated NC-17. Adult themes are allowed but asked to be kept in private. Likewise, this is a mature environment for those who want to engage in a setting where advanced themes can flourish!

Sister Site

For Members


Themvus is the secondary site for this roleplay. It allows members to integrate with others, and to gain access to more features for this play, including the shop and a gallery.

Who can Join?

Every member and potential member is allowed to join. Likewise, anyone from the forums is allowed to join. Keep in mind the forum has its own chat, incase RPH ever goes down or members want a different, safer arena to chat in.


Nothin' yet!

The World of Verses





Meet the creators!

If you have any questions, concerns or issues, please direct your questions to the appropriate staff member. At the moment we are only looking for a coding afficionado to join the support team.


The general staff takes care of all non-specific or other issues that do not fall under the umbrella of the other two.

Admins: Hati


The creative team includes the GMs and those who help the RP run more efficiently. They are the designers for the RP.

Admins: xxx - xxx


Support deals with the technical side of things. This is more for the forum, but if somene has coding issues on RPH, they can see these administrators.

Admins: xxx