Welcome to The House of Seasonal Delights.
Please Bear with us while this page is under heavy construction. We will have an overall storyline for the room, but for now enjoy free play. If you desire to play a staff member, please contact an owner with the concept Before making a profile.

The House of Seasonal Delights is an escort service and high class brothel with a theme of changing seasons and various holidays. It is set in a massive estate, with manicured, sprawling gardens of exotic flowers and fruit trees. The style of the estate's manor and the individual houses on the large lot change with the passage of time from one generation to the next and the Escorts are allowed to decorate their own dwellings to suit their individual needs. All Escorts are trained in self-defense, classical arts, and multiple languages, customs, and dance. Each Escort has their own personality quirks and specializes in social settings and in the bedroom.

The House is fully staffed with security guards, chefs, groundskeepers, stablemasters, a private doctor, cleaning staff, handymen, and other essential staff for the upkeep of the manor, assistance to the Escorts and Clients, and whatever else may be needed. This staff, unless claimed by a player, consists of NPC's (non-player character) including the doorman (there is no doorbell), and maybe used in posts within reason. It hosts a full wet bar in the main room with several smaller dry bars in the guest lounges, a full service kitchen for meals if the Clients wish to partake of such with the Escorts having daily specials.

The Escorts are not just high-classed prostitutes, though sexual services are most certainly offered in a variety of styles and kinks, but they are Escorts, going out on dates or to important events with Clients, as well as Hosts and Hostesses who are available for conversations, company, and even something as simple as going with a Client on a shopping trip. So long as it is safe for the Escort and Client, there are very few limits to what services can be purchased. If you are unsure if a service is available, please ask any Escort or one of the administration (owners or mods). We do ask that Clients not enter the Escort's personal rooms, the staff lounge, or the kitchens to provide the Escorts a bit of personal space away from work and for safety where the kitchens are concerned.

The rates for Escort services are as follows:
Conversation or non-sexual company: $250 to $500 rounded by the quarter hour
Full night escort (non-sexual): $2,000
Sexual Company: $1,000 per hour
Special Fetishes: $1,000 to $5,000 extra flat fee, depending on the extent of the fetish

The House of Seasonal Delights also boasts memberships. These are monthly, yearly, lifetime, and inherited. Each membership allows for additional perks such as preferred scheduling and reservation of their favorite Escorts, unlimited hours, special party planning, as well as guest passes for their friends. Each guest pass is good for one month of services.

While the Escorts are on salary, gifts and tips are always appreciated and all final payments go through Acorn. We reserve the right to adjust prices as needed and extra fees may be required based on requests.


1.) Not only is the room Smut friendly, but Smut in the room is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED.

2.) OoC Discrimination of any type will NOT be tolerated.

3.) No Lurking; if you're in the room you should be willing to play.

4.) No God-moding or Cross-RPing.

5.) No completely blank or OOC Only profiles.

6.) All characters must be 16+ physically, mentally, and pictures must look 16+.

7.) No OoC Drama; if you have a problem with someone in OoC then please settle it in PMs or exercise the use of the Block Button, it works wonders. Do Not bring it into the room. Do Not bring OoC Drama from other rooms with you either-leave it at the door. Character Drama, however within limits, is perfectly fine.

8.) Don't be an asshole.

9.) We reserve the right to add or change these rules as necessary.

There are many roles available at the House; Escorts, support staff, patrons, etc. The following are character creation guidelines for those wishing to play more than a casual patron.

1.) All staff positions must be approved by an owner before working, no exceptions.

2.) Players wishing to use a canon character for a staff position must receive prior owner approval to ensure they are setting appropriate.

3.) No multi-character profiles for staff positions.

4.) There is to be absolutely no unnecessary rape drama.

5.) Characters may not be grieviously or permanently harmed without the player's permission.

1.) Remember the brothel is a business so use common sense when portraying an escort. There are health screenings, there are lots of toys, there are lots of safe sex implements both mundane and magical. If you do not know what something is or what would be appropriate, please ask an owner or moderater.

2.) NO means NO. Period. Escorts do not have to interact with clients they do not feel comfortable with. They do not have to engage in RP that is distasteful to them. Period.

3.) Escorts are paid by salary not by individual client though they may receive tips and gifts extra to that as well as bonuses for special services, regular customers, or an increase in customers. The owners determine final payment so all financial arrangements should go through them. You are free to NPC or assume this reasonably using the listed rates on the Introduction tab.

4.) Not all your clients must be real RP going on in room or PM's. Feel free to invent NPC clients. There's simply not enough people on this site to constantly keep all the Escorts busy but it is more realistic that they would be fairly so; thus assume some NPC clients for flavor.

5.) Keep ALL client and Escort secrets; they stay within the Manor.

1.) Support staff are paid on salary and may exchange a portion of that for room and board at the manor if they do not wish to maintain outside living quarters.

2.) Support staff may mingle with the Escorts as long as such relations do not interfere with the Escorts schedules or prevent a client from being seen.

1.) Clients are not allowed to cause grievous harm; all client rooms are monitored through Closed Circuit cameras that record and store video on multiple servers in multiple locations. These cameras are monitored by hired NPC guards who can summon help immediately if an Escort is being harmed.

2.) No clients are allowed in the Escort living quarters areas; keep these places private and a safe haven for the Escorts away from work.

3.) Under no circumstances are clients allowed to dictate to Escorts who they may or may not see; clients do not own Escorts in any capacity beyond their paid scenarios at which time the fantasy ends the moment they leave the manor.


An overview of the main estate; there are stables and other cottages beyond the forests not pictured, images of those will be provided later.

The manor is almost more of a modern-day castle and as a business there is no doorbell, but a doorman which more properly befits such an equisite estate.

The following is a list of the more commonly used rooms in the manor. This list is to give you an idea of what is available for you to use and is not to be considered an exhaustive list. You're allowed to reasonably add rooms needed for RP - be creative.

*Main Foyer with coat check and reception desk
*Main lobby/greeting room with couches and tables for people to mingle, this room is adjacent to the main staircase that leads to both Escort and Client rooms on the second and third floor. There is also a wet bar here.
*Security office, main floor.
*Medical office, main floor.
*Business offices, main floor
*Guest kitchen - fully staffed by professional chefs for both Client and Escort use.
*Formal dining room
*Informal dining room
*Employee lounge, not for guest use, smaller than the main lobby.
*Employee kitchen about the size of a regular house kitchen for when employees wish to cook for themselves or others. Not for guest use.
*Employee bedrooms are on both the second and third floor, no clients allowed within them.
*Client/guest rooms are on the second and third floors - all decorated differently, use your imagination. There are some suites for large parties and orgies.
*Ballroom with marble floors and mirrored walls with hi-tech soundsystem. Entrance on main floor with second floor balcony.
*Solarium, main floor.
*Greenhouse, outdoor with small indoor access, leads to gardens.
*Indoor swiming pool, main floor.
*Outdoor swiming pool, main grounds. A second outdoor swiming pool is on the roof of the second floor, accessable through guest areas.
*Indoor sauna and hot tub, one main floor and one second, usable for clients and guests.
*Various small studies, smoking lounges, and a humidor, usable by all.
*Gardens with all sorts of flora, hedge mazes, fountains, etc.
*Patio areas with tables and dance floors, etc. for entertaining.
*Stables with indoor riding arena, outdoor pastures and riding area with jumps.
*Fruit orchard

Again, these are just some of the main types of rooms, as long as it is reasonable, you're allowed to add on extra stuff.


The House of Seasonal Delights was established at the turn of the eighteenth century by ancestors of the current owners with ownership and responsibility of it falling perpetually down the line. Many of the most prestigeous Lifetime and Hereditary memberships of the clients can even be traced as far back as its inception. The brothel has always flourished and strove to cater to the best clientele but as with any business that perpetually straddles, and often crosses, the line of legal and illegal, it has not been without its problems. Many times the laws of the land would threaten to shut it down and many times the craft owners managed to find ways around it, loopholes, or what not. Truly, there was quite the celebration come the end of Prohibition. Through it all, the place has survived, thrived, and evolved with the world to provide an ever-expanding menu of services to relieve the weary and part them from their money.

Rain and Emerald were the first children who did not immediately fall into line and decide they were going to take over the family business, and along with their cousin Acorn, they explored other options and education along with the world. They were drawn back home when their parents perished in a fire that utterly gutted the centuries-old home along with three escorts and two clients. Many thought this was the end of a dynasty, and so did they at first. It'd take two years before they found a curious investor, Kyosuke Prince - a young Japanese antiquities collector and more. He was willing to invest in the rebuilding of the brothel as long as he was made a named partner and could work there as an escort within the scope of his desires. Needing the funds, they agreed and the partnership has benefitted all quite nicely. It was long and tedious work but the House was soon open for business once again and began to thrive. Old memberships were honored and new ones signed up as people were pleased to have their choice entertainment returned to them.

It has been nearly a year since the grand reopening and as the brothel nears that date, more and more unusual things have begun to occur. There has been an increase in prank and threatening phone calls, unusual packages left - so far not dangerous ones - and even more disturbing, someone has been warning off several prominent clients. It would appear that while the brothel has gained new life - some of its old enemies, or perhaps even new ones, may still persist.


Rain Emery Acorn Eclipse

Noiz Open Open

Honey Snow Sakura Summer Winter
Grapes Open Open Open Open
Open Open Open Open Open

Yuu Mink Castor Dorian Open
Open Open Open Open Open

Damien Xavier Jeri Schuldig Open
Open Open Open Open Open
Open Open Open Open Open

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