Rules and Stuff Below


Please do not argue with an owner or mod. NOT A REQUEST

The rules are there for a reason.


1: Remember... this is a fan-based role-play group. All owners and mods have the final say. Period.

2: Keep all OOC to a minimum, and use IMs, please. If there is no RP in the room, then OOC chat is fine.

3: Respect each other, which entails - No criticizing of anyone's choice of characters - No telling the owners or mods how to run the group. Helpful suggestions are fine, not hurtful remarks or comments.

4: This is not a smut room so take all that stuff to a smut room.

5: Breaking any rule will result in a player being kicked. If there is a second offense, they will be kicked again. A third offense, and they will be banned. All decisions can be appealed. As stated afore, owners and mods have the final say.

1) This is a paragraph or more role-play group.

2) If you do not have a character, make a name for this particular genre of role-playing, and you must have a complete profile with history included. It does not have to be coded to look fancy, and also no multi-character names.

3) If you know the genre of this role play, then your character must be dressed the part (or at least while icly on duty and in the presence of the Head Captain).

4) No god-modding. No meta-gaming...(just because you can read a profile, doesn't mean we know all about each other's characters... especially OOC characters). No Autoing of any kind without a player's consent.

5) Please specify where you are as you role-play.

6)Posting is usually room order, but if we do not post out of room order, put a number in your status to avoid confusing and to help role play move along smoothly.

7) T1 or turn-based fighting. Owners or mods must be present for all spars for fights between characters.

8) Good grammar is a must... and absolutely no text-speech.

9) If a canon character is officially dead in the anime and manga, and a player would like to role play him or her, there must be a plausible reason for the character desired to be alive (approved by owners and mods).

10) OCs are not to be overpowered. Period.

11) Absolutely no hentai or perversely altered or painted images of canon characters, or child fetishes, or gore, or vore, or child play.

12) Do not go beyond the authority of the character you are role-playing.

13) Absolutely no drama. Take that to the IMs.

The Story

In the aftermath of the 1000 Blood War, the Soul Society was nearly destroyed, but none the less it remained. Many have been injured, and many have died; however, many have lived. The wounded are being healed if not already healed. Repairs and reconstruction have begun, though it is a steady and slow process... but that is not all. The soul Society is not as safe a place as it once was. Neither is the world of the living. Hueco Mundo has also seen its share of 'old' and new dangers from out of the chaos. Hollows are more frequent in both the soul society and the world of the living. Vortexes, gates, rifts, or whatever one may call them are open, giving 'birth' to a new breed of villains. They are called Yurei. Unlike Hollow, they are intelligent and have abilities that most Hollows do not have. Some Arrancar may or may not have the same abilities, if at all......

Gotei 13

First Division: Captain Commander Naomi Imamura || 2nd Division: Asamoya Zabuza || 3rd Division: Shioko Konoe || 4th Division: Open || 5th Division: Jin Hirano || 6th Division: Byakuya Kuchiki || 7th Division: Open || 8th Division: Open|| 9th Division: Akina Teruko || 10th Division: Hitsugaya Taichou || 11th Division: Zaraki Kenpachi || 12th Division: Sasaki Fumio|| 13th Divsion: Open ||More to come?

First Division: Kiosho Shihoin || 2nd Division: Keiko Omura || 3rd Division: Shiori Ryodoji || 4th Division: Matsuya,Hyosuke || 5th Division: Lieutenant Nakamura || 6th Division: Open || 7th Division: Open || 8th Open: Open|| 9th Division: Open || 10th Division: Rangiku Matsumoto || 11th Division: Ayatomi Sozoiki? || 12th Division: Reiko Katsumoto || 13th Divsion: Open ||More to come?

Seated Officers
First Division: Open || 2nd Division: Open || 3rd Division: Open || 4th Division: Open || 5th Division: Open || 6th Division: Open || 7th Division: Open || 8th Open: Open|| 9th Division: Open || 10th Division: Open || 11th Division: Ayatomi Sozoki(4th Seat) || 12th Division: Open || 13th Divsion: Open ||More to come?

Friends of the Seireitei
Yoruichi Shihoin aka Goddess of Flash ||More to come?



Bleach Aftermath