Just added! Work in progress!





Its simply said, an incest story-room. Everybody is welcome to join it without any need of regristation but you'll join as friend of the family and not as a member of it.



If you want to join as a true family member write to Zhora and she will decide if you can join. You will be listed in this group, for everybody clearly visible so we know how the family is built up.



WARNING: This group allows a lot! You'll have to be fine with ageplay, as same as hard rough and sometimes dirty and kinky sex. You don't have to do it of course, but you probably going to see it. If you're not ok with something clear that in PM or in role, no OOC in the chat!


PS Looking for admins, to take care of the chat-room when Zhora is offline.






Here we go. It is a big Villa near a lake. Its owned by the Millers (Family 1) wich is one of the richest around. Around the house is a big forest and a playground. It is a very private spot. No double-roles allowed but there are 3 related families so we'll find a role for you. 


If you join as "stranger" You'll be a visitor. Simply a person that knocks the door to the family house and maybe somebody will let you in. 


If you join as family member: You were away off the house and come back now. As a family member you have to write the most important things to a admin so we can update the family-list. We will write here what changes in the house, what was going on recently. For example who lives in a room, who is in what kind of relationship to who and so on. 


What the house could look alike:


The families up to now:


Family 1 "The Millers"

Daugher - 27 years - Zhora

Son - 22 years - ShadowedEngima


Family 2 "The Raines"

Father - 29 years - Marcus Raines

Mother - 30 years - reserved

Daughter - 10 years - little Aleska

Son - 11 years - Luan


Family 3 "The ..."

Daughter - 19 Years - Kairie