Sea of Dreams  


On the misty strand between heaven and earth, the tides of fate ebb and flow. The world of Somnus' fate is one bound to an ancient devourer, one that was challenged long ago by a lone woman. A woman who desired to change her own cruel fate, defying the "destiny" set forth for her world. With the aid of others unseen, she was able to make the beast slumber, at the cost of her own life. Centuries later, humanity has advanced in strides, but deep in the darkest reaches of the planet, a malevolent force wishes to resume its catastrophic enterprise. The cogs of Kismet begin to turn once again, comprised of the undying souls of those who inhabit the cosmos, each with a destiny that will transform the entire world. Will it be for good? Or for evil? Only the tumultuous waters and clouded vistas of the Sea of Dreams hold the clues.....





Human - Most common and prolific race of Somnus, Found almost everywhere


Singha- A Proud race of tribal Humanoid Catfolk. Leonin in appearance, but often horned as well.

Demi Human- Humans with animal like traits, believed to be descendants of mystic beings long forgotten by time. Skilled in magic and harmonious with nature.

Fiend- A human or other being who has made a dark pact with an ancient demon, giving them arcane powers at the cost of their soul becoming tainted. 


Khet- A Newer Race to Somnus, born of nature. Strange and Alien in form


Thaile- Remnants of a once powerful presence on the Planet, These bat-like Humanoids are perpetually at odds with the people of the north.







  Political Structure / Factions  









Republic of Azure








Soma Corporation, Ltd. 

Kingdom of the Clouds

Band of the Five Thunders

Sol Convulsus







 Somnus is a world of diverse physical geography, ranging from mid-altitude drylands, thick forests, sprawling mountain ranges, infertile steppes, whispy deserts and sub-tropical island chains. Among the most mysterious features is the Sea of Dreams, a deep and foggy labrynth at sea, subject of folklore and legends of treasure. Many have disappeared when venturing inside, and the nature of this region is forgotten to time. 


Note: This map is current as of Chapter 3. If new locations are added, the map will be updated. This map is not a complete view of the world, and more continents are subject to creation. Additionally, climate pictured is based on altitude, and details not shown will be added during role-play. Use this map at your own risk! For a full version of the map, see this link.




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Chapter Summaries


Chapter One: "Awakening"


Chapter Two:  "The Price of Progress"


Chapter Three:  "On the Tides of Fate"