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Refer yourself to this regularly as it sometimes can contain some crucial information for character and story development.
Some of the names are clickable and linked to the appropriate pages.
Attention: Daimyos/Warlords get's one action point per week. Meaning they can use it to initial events.








Xiao Niao # (Blue)

Mishima Saikaku
 # (Red)

Yorukasa Hana Clan #(Purple)

Nakano Sarada

Kida Atsutane #(Aqua)

Sumeragi Musashi #(Orange)

Western Influence #(Pink)

Takehiko Iwao #(Brown)

Muramasa #(Dark Purple)

Hiroki #(Maroon)

Eiji #(Light Blue)

Masao #(Dark Blue)

Date #(Peach)

Unknown Faction # (Dark Green)


Contested Lands #

Neutral Lands


Points of Interest ?

Points of Conflict !




1) Shimane: Invaded and currently controlled by Xiao Niao.
2) Kochi: Rebellion ensued. Brought
Kida Atsutane into power.
3) Kyoto: Nakano Sarada rises to power after a successful campaign to take Hyogo and Shiga, two neighboring locations.
4) Hyogo + Shiga: Production of high grade rifles has begun for the Nakano clan.
5) Central Trade Route: Capital Ship Goryo and aiding fleets spotted east of Chinese trade route, south west bound.
6) Southern Trade Route: Okinawa + Kagoshima merchant shipments lost at sea, ships return emptyhanded.
7) Southern Trade Route: European ships spotted off the coast of Okinawa heavy westen influence follows.
8) YamaguchiChinese forces have taken the lands, all surrendering miltiary were executed.
9) Tokushima: Warlord Kida Atsutane has won the hearts of the natives and gains foothold in this territory.
10) Osaka, Nara, Wakayama: Nakano Clan sells high grade rifles and gains foothold those territories.
11) Mie: The daimyo of this land has sworn fealty to the Shogun. An arranged marriage proposal is rummored.
OkinawaWord of the Lord God and savior begins to spread; addicting exotic meats in high demand.
13) Eastern Trade Route: Embargo enacted on eastern coast my Phoenix fleets, Shogun seeks alternate means of trade.
14) Alliance: Sumeragi Musashi + Kida Astutane form alliance.
15) YamaguchiCapital Ship Goryo spotted headed further south west.
16) Hiroshima: Legend Sonozaki Nou has been spotted.
17) Saga: Phoenix standards raised, land under protection of Mishima. Goryo Fleets split and embark further south.
18) Ehime + Kagawa: Kida Atsutane Rallies the natives with good deeds and gains foothold in these territories.
19) Kagoshima + Okinawa: The Catholic faith has begun to spread, more foreign ships begin to litter harbors. Trade boom.
20) Kumamoto: Phoenix standards raised, land under protection of Mishima for trade route purposes. Parlay with Europeans.
21) Akita: Has fallen to the fire nation. Mishima forces seize lands and evacuate civilians.
22) Miyazaki: A legend was spotted hustling in a back alley.
23) Aichi: Citizens revolt land thrown into dispute, local government falls back.
Eastern Trade Route: Shogun forces takes heavy casualties at sea trying to combat Mishima embargo. 
25) Okayama: Odd weather spotted off the coast.
26) Central Trade route: Ship bearing flags of the Forbidden City spotted.
27) Ehime: Legend Sonozaki Nou has been spotted.
28) Yamaguchi: Gekkoryuu Shinobi have been rumored to be in the province.
29) Gifu: A new establishment "Wisteria" opens for business.
30) Oita: Kida Atsutane offers protection to the people, they stand by his side ready to fight.
31) Kumamoto: A large number of forces has ammassed in this region, rumors of war councils being held.
32) Ehime: Foreign ship spotted speeding off the coast bearing the Portuguese flag.
33) Kyoto: Nanako Sarada announces plans to construct a wall blocking off the shores of Wakayama, Osaka, and Hyogo. All trade and ships must have verified documents for travel through "Rashamon".
34) Yamaguchi + Fukuoka: Defenses are being bolstered in these nations.
35) Hiroshima: Chinese forces sweep the lands taking officers capitve.
36) Ehime + Kagawa: Defense along the norther borders are being reinforced.
37) Hokkaido: Special project "Shiranui" has begun.
38) Shogun Territory: Word has spread that the Shogun was killed in his sleep!
Miyazaki: The Catholic faith has welcomes this nation into it's ranks.
40) Fukuoka: Lands are taken by Kida Atsuntane.
41) Nagano: Defenses are bolstered by Muramasa.
42) Niigata: Borders are closed off to any military personel, and blocks any special actions within it's borders.
43) Okayama: Mass distribution of Portuguese sausage floods the land and trickles over it's borders.
44) Saga: Standards of the Phoenix are lowerd and are replaced by another clan.
45) Kumamoto: These lands are relinquished to another faction.
46) Southern Trade Route: Goryo fleet regroup, last seen path of travel Central Trade Route.
47) Miyagi: Phoenix standards raised and citizens evacuated to Iwate.
48) Southern Trade Route: Embargo lifted Mishima fleets border Fukushima + Miyagi  at sea.
49) Okayama: Odd weather continues after fog clears, intense electrical storms streak through the skies accompanied by high winds.
50) Central Trade route: A three way battle breaks out Mishima and Xiao forces take heavy losses. Forbidden City fleets take minimal loss.
51) Chiba + Tokyo: A Strage fog spotted along the coast of these lands.
52) Central Japan: intense tremmors are felt all week long.

53) Niigata: 'Zashiki-warashi' defenseive matrix has been constructed, coincidently the quakes cease.
54) Kumamoto + Oita: Talk of a unfamiliar religion begins to trickle through the borders.
55) Chiba: Under the rule of Ogasawara Eiji.
56) Fukui: Goryo fleet take port for maintience and respplying.
57) Fukuoka: Defenses are constructed along the coast.
58) Kochi: Game halls begin to suffer significant losses in revnue.
59) Saitama: Gunma forces invade crushing the warlord in power with minimal losses.
60) Aichi: After a revolt the land falls under the control of the people. A hero of the people is rumored to be the cause.
61) Central Japan: the dispute for power rages on between neighboring lands.
62) Tottori: Three imperial ships bearing the forbidden city standard spotted docking.
63) Japan: All current established nations have increased their defenses. 
64) Aichi: Hiroki rallies the people of this land under his command.
65) Yamanashi: Lands are ravaged and siezed.
66) Iwate: Political treaty made and able bodies are trained under the Phoenix.
67) Shizouka: Hiroki pacifies this warring land by sending support.
68) Oita + Kumamoto: The faith has spread and churches were built in each province.
69) Tottori: Imperial forces assert dominance in this region.
70) Kyoto: The sudden emergence of a tall castle hits the skyline, radiant darkness flows through it to Hyogo, Osaka, Shiga, Nara, and Wakayama.
71) Kyoto: Sarada emerges and declares Gifu open ground for testing new weaponry - conflict begins.
72) Okayama: The people stand by the daughter of an infamous Daimyo, rumors of the Date clan circulate here.
73) Nagasaki: The Gekkouryuu Shinobi begin infighting out of impatience, internal strife leads to the loss of several shinobi.
74) Nagano: The Torashima clan will host the "Summit" as a potential meeting ground to align Daimyo to peaceful resolution - 1 Week from now.
75) Hiroshima: Many ships begin advancing on the coastline.
76) Shimane: Sonozaki Nou allies with Xiao Niao.
77) Ibaraki: Lands seized by Ogasawara Eiji after civil unrest.
78) Tottori: soldiers go missing and an informant.
79) Northern Trade Route: Fisherman gossip about a mysterious moving island or sea monster.
80) Hokkaido: Production of specialized ships has begun.
81) Central Japan: traveling merchants and tradesmen gossip about Gunma, 'Project Onibi' is mentioned frequently.
82) Kanagawa: Lands fall to a central power.
83) Ehime + Kagoshima: A dense fog rolls in through the channel.
84) Tokyo: Gambling halls experience a big decline in profits.
85) Tokyo: A plea for help was answered by the Ogasawara clan, fighting in the lands with the arrival of soldiers.
86) Chiba: Defnses bolstered with recruitment of soldiers, mandatory training given to able bodies.
87) Chiba: An official open invitation for eligible ladies has been opened. Terms: political marriage; members of either daimyo or imperial clans may visit Chiba Castle and be interviewed. The hope is to unite lands and mutually benefit clans.
88) Niigata: Odd animal migrations spotted leaving all directions Niigata.
89) Mie: Hiroki's forces sweep through land and drive forces into Gifu.
90) Gifu: Previous Mie forces pledge alliegence to Gifu.
91) Yamagata: Masao expands his lands.
92) Shimane: Offensive ability is being increased.
93) Ishikawa: Forces have begun to mobilize, artillery fire rains down passed it's borders; construction along it's borders to neighboring territories halted.
94) Chiba: Loss in revenue befalls the gambling halls.
95) Japan: A feeling of dread sweepsacross the lands; 'Project Onibi' has been launched. All non physical stats take a -1.
96) Central Japan: Merchants leaving Gunma murmur about 'Project Onibi' stage two underway.
97) Gunma: All border defenses are bolstered significantly; all neighboring nations report the noticeable increase in forces.
98) Oita: Ships bearing the standard of the church Litter the channel.
99) Oita + Kumamoto: Full on conversion has been established; non blievers of the faith are executed on sight. Bounties have been issued for those who oppose the catholic faith.
100) Hiroshima + Okayama: A beacon of light fills the sky from the coast.
101) Mie + Aichi + Shizouka: A Wall is being constructed along the borders, able bodies being recruited.
102) Ishikawa: An embargo is enacted on Toyama's ports, all sea trade has been halted to this region. A loss in revenue and supplies follows.
103) Fukui: Decleration of free state has been made.
104) Niigata: Odd migrations of animals return back to this land. An invitation has gone out inviting willing daimyo & warlords to visit these lands a week after the summit is to be held, underlings are welcome to come as well. A special not to leave  armies at home is scribbled at the bottom of each invitation.
105) Toyama bay: Embargo pulls back as boats begin to capsize from a whale attacking ships.
106) Akita: The flag of a former Daimyo replaces the Phoenix standard.
107) Northern Japan: Civilians become un easy with the current rule of the north.
108) Fukuoka: Three imperial ships bearing the flag of the forbidden city spotted off the northern coast.
109) Hokkaido: Resources are pooled int othe quick completion of Project Kosenjobi.
110) Aomori + Iwate + Miyagi: A new standard replaces the standard of the Phoenix, the people of the north become uneasy with projects being conducted in Hokkaido. Mishima is branded as a tyrant by the people, bounties have been placed on the ex-Daimyo across Japan.








1) Hisoka Kimiko - Wanted DoA in Shogun Domain # - Refusal of Marriage. Physical assaulting of a Warlord.  
2) Yori Yoshio - Wanted Alive in Shogun Domain # - Defecting From Faction.
3) Fumiko Eri - Wanted Alive in Shogun Domain # - Run away.
4) Xiao Niao - Wanted Dead in Several Domains # - Invasion. War.
5) ????? - Wanted Dead in ALL DOMAINS # - Pillaging. Larson. Arson. Sabotage. Fraud. General annoyance. 
6) Sumeragi Musashi - Wanted Dead in Shogun Domain # - Manslaughter, Treason and Arson.
7) Nakamura Kenpachi - Wanted DoA in Shogun Domain - Defecting From Faction.
8) Jae Hoon - Wanted alive in Okayama - Destroying shanty town & living section looking for fishing rod.
9) Kanmaru Toshi - Wanted Dead by Mashima # - Marked for death. 
10) Cursed Animals - Dead or Alive by Merchants.
11) Kusanagi the Cursed - Alive - Reizei clan.
12) Reizei Mika - Alive - Reizei Clan.




Bounty Rewards!
1) Jae Hoon - 100,000 Ryo.
2) Xiao Niao - Land, 1,000,000 Ryo.
3) Kanmaru Toshi - 50,000 Ryo if dead, 100,000 Ryo if alive.
4) Nakamura Kenpachi - 800,000 Ryu.
5) Sumeragi Musashi - 10,000 Ryu.
6) ????? - Daimyo status, Land, 1,000,000 Ryo.
7) Fumiko Eri - 100,000 Ryo.
8) Yori Yoshio  - 300,000 Ryo.
9) Hisoka Kimiko - 250,000 Ryo if dead, 500,000 Ryo if alive.
10) Cursed Critters - Leser - 100 Ryo, Average - 1,000, Greater - ???, Ancient - ???. Pricing doubled for alive.
11) Kusanagi the Cursed100,000 Ryo; wanted alive.
12) Reizei Mika250,000 Ryo and 10% of Takoyaki Bell; wanted ALIVE.




This is where bounties are put on other players in the RP.
You can earn a bounty on your character by: Committing Crimes, Treason or Allying with someone that already has a bounty.
Bounty can be interpreted as an infamous ranking system.
Color represent threat; starting from green, then orange and then finally red.
(Requests for an individual to appear on the board must go through a mod.)




Honda Tadakatsu



Takeshi Tadakatsu


Sonozaki Nou



Tsubaki Seichousaku


Legend 5 Legend 6


The six Legends are powerful individuals. (It is recommended that alliances take on legends.)
Legends automatically come with the Tactics stat, provided they have small armies if they so choose. Also, their Tactics stat will counter a Daimyo/Warlord's tactic stat, with the greater the stat, the more morale the Daimyo/Warlord loses.
Can make land neutral in combat by defeating a Daimyo or Warlord controlling said territory.
They can't, however, own their own land.
There must be four of them at a time in the universe.
They cannot engage in combat or wage war without provocation.
They may be recruited by Warlords and Daimyo but only for one battle and only if the respective Daimyo and or Warlord has a high Charisma and high stat in Tactics.
They also recieve a special stat to accomodate for their high amount of points (70) called Fighting Spirit. Which is a damage reduction across all boards.
Legends can be killed (but the effort to do so is tremendous) as such, they can be replaced depending on who delivered the final blow to the Legend.











































































































The dawn of a new era, the Sengoku Warring States, a platform for every caliber of man, woman, and potential legend to take up their claim and sink foot into the soil from which many an honorable title has been placed. Before this period however conflict had not always become so abundant. Lands were slowly filled in by neighboring individuals, man could trust man, and petty crime had been a thing of occurrence but not dominion. Enter the legend of the Great Aether or Godai to the natives, a treasure said to have been left behind by a once great blacksmith who forged the tools to create the world; or at least it had been written as such. It was rumored to be the harnessed potential of all of the elements combined into one true form - neither sword nor spear, bow or gun, it was the eternal weapon and it had the answers to keep Japan coordinated and a super power for quite some time.

Yet rumors spread of the Godai being found and not only attainable but at the central point of the land. Conflict enriched the fields, friend turning against friend, family member against family member - Japan had seen no darker time than the ambitions released and set free to the absolute rancor it had become at this current state. Among the chaos rose one man who claimed to have the solution and begin issuing in what would be known as the Shogunate era. Where high law settled the conflict over the Godai and slowly but surely most if not all individuals were forbidden by law to search for it, let alone speak of it. In truth, the new Shogunate was feeble but their massive military size proved to leave others without room to dispute the acting foundation or declarations in practice.

It came to pass that liberation was in order, and warfare struck out over the lands - without fail did men and women proclaim their right to capture vacant provinces, amass armies, gain trust, and push flags of varying colors. While the clock winds down for a new ruler to Japan, so does the patience of the Shogunate’s current leader; as he feverishly searches for the Godai himself, to issue in a complete and ultimate reign over the people of Japan - for one intention or another.













































This section contains the basic guidelines/requirments that are needed in a character's information.
If you do not have some of the required information a moderator will confront you and have it fixed immediately as to not have any problems while RPing in the room.
First rule is character's can be of any ehtnicity; they must have a story that explains why they are in feudal Japan.
Also, please list the languages that your character can speak. All characters must be Human.












Every elemental group has it's weakness. (For example Energy is weak to Atmosphere. NO EXCEPTIONS.)
Light and Dark are uniquely weak to one another but are on neutral grounds between every other element.
(Only one element within the element group is allowed per individual. You can only choose one from the following.)

Curses or Pure Darkness.
Light: Holy or Pure Light.
Earth: Nature or Stone. (No Metals)
Energy: Fire or Lightning. (No Magnetism)(Fire can have Magma)
Atmosphere: Water or Air. (Water can have Ice)

Weakness Fact: (So don't argue.)
'Pure' Water is not an electrical conductor. It is the various impurities (minerals) in water that are conductive.








STRENGTH - Physical power and energy.
DEFENSE - Physical and magical endurance.
AGILITY - Ability to maneuver around.
CLOSE COMBAT - Ability to attack and defend at close proximity.
RANGED COMBAT - Ability to attack and defent at long distances.
PERCEPTION - Detection and vision.
INTELLIGENCE - The wisdom and knowledge of a character.
CHARISMA - Ranking of social skills.
CAVALRY - Stat effects how well you can ride a horse or sail boats.
ELEMENT - Elemental attunement.
TACTICS - Stragegist trait. (Must Meet Requirments)




Each character has these stats along with a range from 1 to 10.
The tactics stats require your character to meet some requirments: Your intellegence must be 8 or more and 7 stats must be 4 out of 10 or below. Then you are open to possess the tactics stat. However Warlords get this stat either way without having to meet the requirments.
You get +1 stat points for showing good RP and being active in the room. You can gain one point per month per character.








35 Farmers / Peasants
40 Merchants / Tradesmen / Courtesan
55 Soldiers / Mercenaries / Sages / Sensei
60 Retainers / Elite Guard
65 Daimyo / Warlords (Clan Leaders/Affiliations)
xx Shogun (NPC Character)




The total sum of points from your character's stats determines your character's recommended status and profession.
Warlord characters need to be confirmed by a mod and are given a special stat: Tactics. These characters can have the most impact on the group RP, changing the overall outcome.
Anything over 60 is required to get an affiliation: Retainers / Elite Guard must serve under a Daimyo / Warlords or will be considered a defect and branded an outlaw.




Elemental Mastery - (Only 10/10 stats exclusive.)
3 Basic Skills
1 Ultimate Skill




Each character get's three basic skill; each skill can be completely unique to the character. This is where you get the most free roam where it comes to the character.
However one rule is that it must make sense with the character's element and theme. Also be reasonable with creativity.




1) If you want to avoid fighting in terms of RP, then I sugest allying your character with the Shogun Faction. finding a strong faction tand stay in their lands. (Niigata is a good place to stay.)
2) Your character can die if they make stupid choices.















































































Everyone who comes into the room has the right to relax and have fun. We don't take anyone who breaks this rule lightly.

This means that: 
          1) If your profile contains a picture it must be more in the lines of SFW. 
          2) All profile information must be filled in. Simple LINKS to other pages DON'T COUNT.
          3) Your profile doesn't need to be overly fancy, but must contain important RP information.

We run on a system where three warnings of misconduct would lead to a permanent ban.

Generally if you see someone RPing in the main room. Any OOC discussions must use parenthesis.

Kanmaru Toshi