The Advertisment Hub

This room is for use of posting advertisements seeking roleplay, until the feature is back up and functional site-wide.  You are welcomed to join and post advertisements of all natures.  Roleplaying in the room is not permissable, but you may provide a sampler opening post to catch someone's attention.

This is a placeholder.



1.  Please do not post graphic advertisements relating to pedophilic endeavors.  You may post in search of, but I'd really prefer not to see anything too graphic relating to it.  Aside from that, you have almost entirely free reign.


2.  Please keep chatting to a minimum if it  is not about roleplay ideas or brainstorming.


3.  Please do not flame/harass other users based on their preferences.  Abuse of other users, just like abuse of these rules, will result in your removal.


4.  Please do not badmouth other users on-site, or other rooms.  It doesn't matter what your beef is with any of them, keep it out of this room.