1. Link to site: http://exodustosaethiir.webs.com/ 
  2. Posting the rules both here and on the website. Newcomers will be asked to read the whole site as well as contact moderators before posting. It's not really an RP you just jump into. Sorry.


Rules; Do you even read them?


The Golden Something-or-other. This is pretty common and should be easy to follow, but tempers flare and personalities clash, so it's best to remind folks now.

One story to rule them all. If a moderator tells you something is the way it is, respect it. If you feel like they're singling you out or being unfair, try to back off and bring it to them, or another moderator, later. Lore changes may be discussed, but respect the ruling once given. While we all work to make Saethiir fun, some will know more about the scope of the world than others.
Rated for daytime television. It's RPHaven, we get it. A lot of folks come to the site for sexy time. While we don't have anything against that, we would appreciate players keeping sexual content to references and mentions. If you want to smut, please move it to PMs or a side room.
Go buy a billboard! This is more of an issue for new-comers than anything else. If you know everyone in the room and are a frequent player, then hell, you know whether you can get away with this or not. If you try and come in and snatch peoples' attention then you're certainly going to get it... And a ban. It's rude, use the ads.
Ref! Please avoid autoing/godmodding. It's rude. No one likes it. Seriously. The number of times I've had to explain this is sad. There is an exception, however. If a mod is currently directing a story-arch or special event then they can ignore this. Be aware. If you argue against it, you're likely to take a Banhammer to the face.

This isn't even my final form! "The villain is about to win, the heroes don't seem to have a chance, but wait! What's this! The Earthfolk who had been useless up until this moment begins glowing and soon he levels the villain with a mighty blast." Well, okay, sometimes this goes smoothly and can be a lot of fun. The problem arrives when they do so without development, permission, or even warning... It ruins immersion, annoys mods, and can make other players feel inferior. Don't be that guy. I promise my hammer hits harder than whatever you got...
Subsection 43, paragraph 81, line 2... We reserve the right to change rules and add them as needed. It won't generally be on a whim and we'll try and be fair about it.