This is a new group, very welcome to new members.

Rules / Guideliness

1. Respect will be given to everyone.

    - Everyone's characters are accepted

    - Harassment of others will not be tolerated.

2. Please, handle any problems in a PM or contact a group Admin or Mod via PM.

3. If  RP is in process, try to keep OOC conversations to a minumum. If need be, an ooc chat will be created.

4. Smut will be tolerated, however, if things get a bit "extreme", please feel free to take it into PM. If you don't know what "extreme" is, PM a group Admin or Mod.

5. Fights are welcome, but make sure that permission is given if you intend to "kill" another persons character.

6. If a fight does happen, you and whoever else is involved will be "teleported" out of the mansion and into the marsh/forest area away from the mansion.

7. Group Admins and Mods reserve the right to add any additional rules or guidelines.

8. You may not enter the Master's quarters.

9. It's a good idea to avoid the bayou/swamp areas around the estate..People tend to go missing there.

Above all, just try to have fun.

An enchanted estate, full of mystery and adventure.

The Coven

A large southern estate surrounded in mystery, magic, and a few shadows; The Coven is a sort of "Neutral Grounds" for any and all supernatural as well as "natural" characters to come and rest a while.

Inside, you'll find things aren't always what they seem.

Endless rooms, constantly changing decor, a library which seems to last an eternity, even a pool.. and of course, a fireplace which is eternally blazing - to name only a few places within the mansion.

The Caretaker

A man named Monsieur Valac. Rumors say he is a daemon, others say he is a simple warlock. Either way, he is the all-knowing caretaker of the Coven Estate. 



Avoid the bayou/swamp areas around the mansion..Unless you want to disappear like the others..

Also, do not enter the Care-takers room.. if you happen to find the doorway, that is.

Pictures / Gallery



Library Lounge

Drawing Room


Drawing Room II

Front Porch