Nexus academy
Fighting the Good Fight.
Student Ranks
 Novi - Typically lower scoring underclasssmen.
Sentinel - Average second and third year students, even some fourth years, making up the majority of the student body.
Deus - Higher scoring 4th years, near the mastery of their  craft and spirit.
Hunters - Basic "soldier," balanced, but lacking in any specific skill. Doughboy, cannon fodder, grunts.
Scouts - Seen as one step above a hunter, these light-footed operatives view and survey the area before sending in the calvary.
Paladins - Typically leading Hunters into battle, these order barking commandos see very little use of their craft.
Rogues - Either behind enemy lines or hidden in their ranks, Rogue's are the stealth component to every squad.
Strikers - The less sly brother to the Rogue, Strikers are given one objective, and with laser focus, accomplish the goal as soon, and as effeciently as possible.
student handbook
Every student has a spirit animal and weapon, usually with a personality to match. A more aggressive animal usually means a more explosive personality, and a more fierce weapon. Weapons that are used are powered by the student's life force, or "Nativas." The more willpower, the more strength. However, there are a few exceptions. No animals such as hydras, pegasus', or anything of a mythical nature. No ridiculous weapons, or firearms. The weapons must be conventional. Respect your fellow students, we're all here for the same reason. No PDA (Public Displays of Affection) on campus. All students are issued a 5 digit student ID number.
We here at Nexus are thrilled that you've decided to come aboard! But, I suppose you're wondering what it is exactly we do here. We have hopes of training our students to become the best that the Reclaimers have to offer; hyper lethal agents in the fight to restore nature and pry the world from the claws of the Brotherhood.
Students are assigned to small squads, anywhere from 3-6 students per squad. These squads attempt to shuffle the student body, mixing Novi and Deus alike.
Enlisted Students

Chet "Hertz" Weiss - Sentinel - Striker - Owl
Syera "Sy" Rain - Deus - Paladin - Snow Leopard
Zachary "Red" Holt - Sentinel - Striker - Fox
Kiaana Yuki - Deus - Rouge - Black Panther
Our world never was a harmonious place, however with the fall of the previously tyrannical ruler of the Vendexi, small factions formed, scrambling for power. Most died off, leaving two to fight or control. The Reclaimers, intent on keeping a peaceful, self contained community. However, the Brotherhood is fixated on profits, and widespread industrialization, caring not who's toes they step on to acheive their goals. The Brotherhood and Reclaimers have feuded since their respective conceptions, however as they are the only two fighters left in the ring, tensions are more heated than ever. Skirmishes and riots plague our cities; one group must come out on top to prevent further escalation. Though the Reclaimers have most political backing, the Brotherhood are still a large and expansive network.