Outcast Cross

                                                              Alliances:Shadow Fang                                                                                                                         RANKS                                                                                                                             (Alpha's) Leaders                                             (Beta's) Second in command                               (Delta:) Adviser and third in command                 (Rho's) All hunters and scouts that are in the pack                                                              (Theta) The packs healers.                                     (Warriors) Fighters of the pack                           (Kappa) The packs pup sitters                               (Omega's) These are the weakest members of the pack and with out any kid of rank. all members start off on this rank until a position is assigned.(Pups) All wolves under the age of sixteen, these members are to be protected at all cost by the warriors of the pack.

Pack Members



While the pack is still small, ranks must still be earned. Until a rank has been earned, you will be placed as an Omega. It is up to the Alpha's to determine what rank you will be given. Suggestions can be made but the final decision is indeed up to the Alphas. The Higher ranks do not have to be a mated pair, but there is a male and a female.

Higher Rank:

Belle Shadows: Alpha/ Owner

Lycus: Alpha Male/ Co-owner

              : Female Beta

             : Male Beta

Reigi: Delta/ Mod




Ronin Rei

Karina Nazuradi

ElleryRea (occasional)



Canagan Shadows









Pack Lands


Welcome to the pack lands of Outcast Cross. A few things have changed, for those of you who already know the pack. Upon the lands is a house, which is now being used to house our guests instead of guests and pack members. There are also a couple of get away houses that are mainly used when one just simply wants to get away from whatever it is that is bothering them. In order to use them, you must speak to the Alpha's first to make sure that no one else is using them first. The members of the pack that are accepted are expected to sleep in dens and not in the house.
 Code By  Crimson Eyed Zelman