Friendship is a widely used but misunderstood power

It brings smiles, it clears tears

It helps people in the bad times and good times

Friendship must definately be magic!

Please note that this group, is the ooc outlet for both mylittlepony and friendshipismagic. As such, members from both groups will be present. If problems exist between ponies from either group, they are not to be made apparent in the ooc room. If this does happen, discipline from not only the ooc room, but the other main rooms is likely to be delt. Upon entering the ooc room, you agree to these terms in respect to both rooms listed above.


Celestia Radio. Friendship is Magic.


List of Moderators and Administrators

Administration ((Honorable mention goes to Lunar Memories for the creation of this group))


Princess`Luna- The Owner and Administrator.

Co-Administrator / General Moderator



Do not ask to become a Moderator. Luna will decide theirselves who will be Mods.



Rules Section

#0 This rule is not so much a rule as it is to address those who like finding technicalities to avoid answering for themselves. While moderation must have reason to ban or kick someone, they can, may, and will remove someone at their own discretion when necessary. Verbal warnings and other 'strikes' only apply if the administration deems them acceptable intervention. Simply put, if you have earned the administration's attention for any reason, you can expect to be delt with immediately, whether you have 'fully' broken a rule or not. You may not cry foul if banned or removed by the administration for a technicality.

#1 mylittlepony and friendshipismagic are the main two rooms for roleplay--this room is mostly for small scale non plot related rp, and mindless silly ooc. Please dont confuse the two, and please remember that this is an ooc for room approved members only.


#2 This isn't a parking lot for your nonMLP names. If you're in there to idle, and not on a name in the group, you'll get kicked, don't cry over it, this is your warning. However, idling to observe and possibly make a name is okay. Just run it by a mod or admin first . This means that you can't sit around and just watch, you come in with an intention to join / participate, or you go.


#3 If your profile has even ONE sexually graphic image visable on your profile, it is not allowed. Links to such images are perfectly fine, though. Also, try to keep any other sex-based content to a minimum. If you come into the room with a sex based image you will be warned, booted, and then banned if there is further issue with it. There are users fighting the age limit rules for RPH and we are not going to make it any further traumatizing than it already is. Also, if you post a sex-based link in the room, you will be warned and booted.


#4 Respect other people's boundaries, that's just common sense, right? And please don't use racial slurs in here, it's better for everyone that way! Do not attack any user for any reason at all - if there is an issue, discuss it in PMs, and if it can't be solved, then contact a member of staff and we will handle it confidentially and quietly.


#5 We don't care about multiple players for a single character here, if you've got a Pinkie Pie, and there's one in here already, don't let that bother ya, just pop on in, you're more than welcome! Exceptions may be made depending on the rules listed for the main rooms that this room is a ooc for. In those cases, the main rooms rules supercede those here.


#6 Generally, the room is ooc roughly 95% of the time. Just keep this in mind when you enter, and be respectful of anything that may be going on. This room is a My Little Pony-themed OOC hangout.


#7 We're sort of big on respect. And, ask that you don't try to troll our room, or come in with joke names; legitimate MLP names only please. This goes for users as well - do not attack other users for having silly characters / characters you do not like, nor do you attack the staff for any reason. If you have an issue, contact a moderator, or an administrator. If one of the two are the offending factors, find another staff member and they will help handle the situation. If you attack staff, you can expect to be removed immediatly. Even if you are in the right, attacking staff will negate that.


#8 While this isn't an exclusive 'invite only' group, we are somewhat strict when it comes to characters. This means, we will?not?be accepting Mary-Sue characters. All OC's should be approved by the moderating staff before joining. Also, crossover ponies are not allowed. It's just silly, anyways.


#9 If you have any sort of room ideas, such as main group chat plot roleplays, please contact Twilight`Sparkle or Princess`Luna to discuss them for mylittlepony, ?or Lunar Memories/Celestial Memories for friendshipismagic and other amendments to be made. We are open to ideas, but we are also open to artistic liberty with said ideas as well.


#10 OOC is acceptable at all times in the ooc room, roleplay however is only allowed if it remains under a paragraph and does not entail plot. Any plot based rp or para+ rp must be taken to your respective rooms. Kicks and even bans may be delt if this is not followed.

#11 Under any circumstances, do not ask for a modship position. This will result in the warning - three strike system. If you are wanted as a mod, the admins will ask you to be one. Do not approach the administrative team asking for modship, it will guarantee that the next time around that we are in need of one, you willmost likely get looked over entirely.

#12  We reserve the right to kick, remove, and ban any person we see fit if they are breaking the rules -- be it through godmoding, vicious attack, breaking the rules, or simply not reading the rules at all. Certain character types are a bootable offense if the user is not willing to comply. The following are to be requested to join first: IE Hybrids (half creatures not seen in the series), Alicorns (The only ones in the series are Princess Celestia and Luna, thus it will be kept Cannon), god-like characters (unless antagonists for part of an agreed upon plot), racist / antagonistic characters made simply to attack other users for no reason.

#13 We follow a strict ?'Check your Drama at the Door' policy. This meeans all OOC drama should not be dragged IC, and all IC drama should not be dragged OOC. This is a roleplay chat for fun, if you can't keep unnecessary, non-plot related drama out of here, it'll go as such [After being warned]:

Kicked from the room [Strike 1]

Temporary 3 Day Ban [Strike 2]

Permanent Ban [Strike 3]

Please let it be clear, these strikes are not here to give you free chances to cause trouble. Depending on the severity of your infraction, you might be immediately kicked or banned. So don't cry about steps being skipped if it happens.
Also, this isn't something of a second or third chance based system. Once a banning has happened, unless there is an overwhelming appeal for it (80% of the active group, not just active members in the chat at the time, or the entire mod team). A group meeting will be held to discuss the next course of action, however, if it is overturned, what is done is done - no pony has the right to say otherwise if the severity of the offense calls for it.

#14 Any pony seeking to play a canon character from the mlp series, MUST join and have been approved for group play. Until you join and gain approval, your canon character will not be acknowledged. This is to ensure all canons are being played correctly, and that inproper roleplay isnt established by canon characters.


Common Courtesy Rules
This section was added because people don't read the rules / feel they are supposed to. If any of these are broken, it's the same three strike offense. No exceptions.


Minimodding - This is when you act out of turn and act as though you are a moderator and tell users what to and not to do in class. Do not do this. Luna and Celestia have moderators for this. If you see an issue, screencap / Pastebin it and show it to us when one of us get online, or wait for a moderator. This is not your job. There are no exceptions.

Godmodding / Character Fights - We go by the daisy standard of roleplay - which means that all sparring is to be turn based and offer open endings for both users to act and react toward certain posts. Do not move a character around without asking, do not end a battle without the consent of the other user.]

Rule Breaking and General Rudeness - Any sort of rudeness, even if OOC will not be tolerated. The three warning system will be instigated if you attack in OOC or even in the OOC room. The OOC room is a group Affiliate to the MLP group, and is monitored just as this room is. Do not bash one room in the other, as mods and admins will be made aware of the situation]

Whining - Don't like something? Tough. Keep whining about it? Goodbye. Your flank will be booted, and if you continue with it, your flank will be banned entirely. The three strike rule doesn't have to be verbally spoken if it is obvious you are being disruptive or rude to admins, mods, or group members about something you do not like. This is not Burger King. You can not always have it your way.

Character Play-
If your character has not been approved, you can not play it. If you don't join the group, and still try to play in the chat with a character not acceptable by group standards, you will be warned, booted, and the strike system will be put into place. Do not question the authority of either Princess Celestia or Princess`Luna if they come to you asking about your character. Do not question the Mod team if they approach you with questions about your character - do as they ask or at least have a good enough explanation. If you have a plot idea, please speak with the mod team whom will get to the admin team, or just talk to the administrative team and we will discuss possible roles, and decide how it will be enstated into the room.

Rule Skirting- Snide comments, trash talking where you think you cannoy be seen. In short, anything percieved as one being underhanded even if they are not directly doing so. You arent as slick as you think you are, and it will get you punished eventually.

Affiliated Groups


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