The Saiyan Exodus: There'd been so many intense battles... It's really a surprise it took as long as it did to realize that we were the greatest threat to the Earth. This beautiful, peaceful planet we called home - we were its protectors, but also the greatest reason it needed to be defended. The Saiyans, Frieza and Cooler, Cell, Bojack and Majin Buu; our most fiercesome foes spanning over thirty years! Each of came dangerously close to obliterating the planet Earth. We were able to enjoy a prosperous and peaceful time after the defeat of our last foe, but by no means was this peace permanent. Our last foe surely wouldn't be our final foe. So that's when my Dad confronted Vegeta with his proposal of leaving the Earth and re-establishing the Saiyan race on a new planet somewhere far, far away. We were the greatest warriors... We'd surely find the battles we wanted, and the ones we didn't would most certainly find us! It was quite possibly the most frightening idea my Dad had ever had because it made so much sense! The two agreed it was the best decision possible - their wives not so much! But they accepted what was about to come to pass. The Dragon Balls were gathered and the Eternal Dragon Shenron was summoned. Two wishes, it told us, and that was just plenty. Dad made the first request to Shenron - "We'd like for an inhabitable planet very similar to the Saiyan homeword Planet Vegeta. Can you grant us this wish?" The Eternal Dragon said it was within its power to create a planet with conditions suitable for Saiyans; he did just that with a look of concentration in his glowing red eyes and a low, rumbling growl. Vegeta stepped up next and made his demand to Shenron - "Dragon! Restore life to all of my people, the Saiyans! It matters not when or how they died! We will rise again!" There was an unnerving pause and an intense silence they settled in as Shenron sought to test the limitations of his immense magic. I don't know how, but Shenron was able to do it. He told us it wouldn't happen all at once. Slowly but surely Saiyans would begin to reappear across the entire Universe and would know they had a home to return to! We packed up everything into a couple of Capsule Corporation spaceships, and departed Earth for the planet New Vegeta! It was a new beginning for us. -- Signed, Son Goten Extinction Level Event: Maybe five months into settling on New Vegeta we encountered our first major threat. A space-faring, race of nomadic warriors invaded the planet without cause. We easily fended off their initial wave, but what we didn't know was that it was the beginning of a war to save all of existence! Those space nomads were being controlled by the Oppenheimer - a so-called omnipotent being. It was attempting to distort the dimensional fabrics of our universe in an effort to force a collapse that would merge multiple universes together and wipe out all manner of life, or something like that. Even the Oppenheimer didn't really know what would have happened, but that didn't stop it from trying to find out. It controlled the space nomads until we'd wiped them all out, and then, did it reveal itself. It materialized itself and took on a fight form similar to the space nomads it'd manipulated. It was an incredible battle with heavy casualties, but we defeated it. We didn't destroy it though. The Oppenheimer retreated to a place at the edge of the universe called The Veil. You could say it was a... soft spot where it could travel between alternate universes. It disappeared... and has yet to return. We never figured out what it really was, or what's beyond The Veil or what would've happened if the universes had all collapsed. It's been six months since then, and we just recently celebrated the planet's one year anniversary. Planet Trade Organization: