With the cosmic start Gods were greated to shape the universe and create worlds which were named after them. Leflora created the world that she was named for when she was 100 years.


When she made this world Leflora made world she had some thought of the races she would put on it. the Elves she made strong willed and Beautiful to behold. then the Dwarves, the people of earth whom lived in the dark seeking riches. lastly she made men. but into them she poured her Curiousity about what she had made. 

four continets were made on this world. One the north land was snow and ice aq place of Demons and monsters. the south was an unknown it seemed to b mostily desert but that was for men to explore later. The East was forest mostily and few plain there she set a set of humans and elves to live. the moutains she gave to the Dwarves alone. however on the western land she gave the eastern woods to the Brightstar elves the rest to the humans.