Paladine Tavern


Paladine Tavern




          Paladine Tavern rests in a small city that is at the river basin of a large mountain. On all sides of the city

     mountain ranges climb to the heavens in snowcapped covered peaks. Fresh water rolls down and broils into

     water falls that feed into the river that flows alongside the growing city. Smaller trade ships can easily find

     their ways through the water passages making trade easy. The city is the hub for the area and therefore

     a neutral zone.


          Paladine being a neutral zone means that all types and species come here to mingle as they pass through

     on their travels and trades. Paladine city boasts that it is the last resort fall back shelter to many of the

     surrounding villages and kingdoms as the mountains provide perfect fortification. The winding paths and

     endless caverns serve only to get most people who do not know what they are doing lost. Many of the city

     folk are experienced tradesmen of many unique oddities. If you can’t find it in Paladine then it simply

     can't be made.



          1.  During combat or if we are doing room wide stories we will use a posting order starting from the

               the top of the room list working down.

          2.  Be respectful if someone tells you OOCly to stop something. Stop. You get one warning.

          3.  If you are doing anything that is sexual take it to PM's do not do it in the main room.

          4.  Keep OOC to a minimum in the room. If you have to move to the OOC room. Other wise keep it in PM.

          5.  If you want to work here you must be part of the group and have been listed under the tavern workers.




          The tavern itself is inset into the base of the greatest mountain named for Cerebus.  It is by far the

     most popular location in the city. Large dining hall and main gathering area as well as inlets for more privacy

     for those other shady deals that need stay out of the public eyes. Many guest rooms line the stone

     corridors as in the hot summers it is often a cool retreat.


     Hired Positions: (If you are not listed you do not work here)


         Witch Hazel - Owner

         Kai Susanoo -  Bartender

         Freyleif - Bartender

         Willow.the.tiny.elf - Inn Keeper




     Tavern Pictures:

          Music for the tavern ( coming soon )



Paladine Tavern 1


Paladine Tavern 2

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