?Kane Clock

Crimson Moon Pack


united as a family to protect one another to the end
Howling in the wind


1. Listen to the Alpha's and Beta's as they are all co-owners.                                                                  2. Be respectful to others within the room ooc                                                                                                   3. If there is a conflict between members of the pack take it to one of the Alphas or Beta depending on who is on at the time.                                                                                                                   4. Do not bring unnessesary drama into our room oocly because we do not need such stupid things here when we come here to get away from that kind of stuff.                                                                                                                   5. Honor any Allaince or Pact we may have with other Packs                                                                                               6. No god moding or you will be banned.   From members or visiters                                                                                                          7. All post must be ten words a sentence and four sentences for any post in the group room at least.

Pack Ranks:

Each individual person will be given a rank that best suits their skill set and what they are able to do for the pack.                                Alpha's: Leaders (mated couple) Male:    Kane Clock                         Female:      Open                                                                 Beta's: Second in command (mated couple)                                                                                             Delta: Adviser and third in command.                                                                                      Epsilon: Leader of the hunters and scouts within the pack when the Alpha's are not around. (Empty)                                                                                                             Rho's: All hunters and scouts within the pack. (will be four slots open for both)                                                                                   Theta: The pack healers. (Will be four spots open)                                                                                                                            Psi: The strongest members of the pack who are used as soldiers to guard the pack. (up to eight allowed)  

                                                                          Kappa: The packs pup sitters, there job is to watch over all pups and keep them safe while the others go off to battle. (two spots open)                                                                                     Omega's: These are the weakest members of the pack and have no right to speak out until they prove there worth to the pack.    

                                                       Pups: All wolves under the age of eighteen, these members are to be protected at all cost by the warriors of the pack.

Pack Members:

Kane Clock-Alpha Male