The Old Orphanage







 Welcome to the family owned, Takahashi Orphanage, where children are taken in from the streets and given a new home. This orphanage has been around since the late eighteen hundreds. It has had a history of giving children a new safe home, but it still has it's problems. Currently, chefs / janitors / etc are NPCs, feel free to interact with them.


Simple Rules

1. Smut is not allowed in the main room. Take it to PMs if you must.

2. Characters over 21 are allowed as employees.

3. Have common sense.

4. We are all adults, so act and type like one.

5. Respect all staff members and orphanage employees.

More rules to come!


For Hire!

1. Caretakers.



Contact Celenia Syndicate if you wish to work for the orphanage!