Room Rules

1 Respect everyone in the room. Do not start drama in the room and if there are any issues then come to one of the owners or moderators to take care of all issues.

2 No harrassing, spaming nor trolling. This will not be tolerated and you will be kicked on spot for it.

3 If you have any questions about the group or something happened in it please contact a moderaitor or owner.

4 Keep all ooc drama in PMs, we are not here to babysit children.

5 When roleplay happens in room please be respectful and keep all ooc to a minimum, or ask one of the mods to create an ooc room. If all else fails take it to PMs.

6 There is no godmodding or auto hits allowed.

7 This room uses T1 base fighting. [ More info on tier system ]

8 The room operates in a 3 strike system. You will get 1 in room warning, 1 kick and then a ban.

9 Finally, respect the mods.

IC Rules

1 We ask that anyone who wants to roleplay in the room puts effort into their profiles. This means that you must have the following or you cannot role play in the room.

2 Pictures used cannot be real images.

3 Characters with a rank higher than "Lieutenant Junior Grade" require mod permission to be made.

4 All characters who are military related characters are allowed weapons, but weapons must be approved by the mods before it can be used.

5 If you need help with making a profile you can ask the mods for help and they will assist you.

6 The Captain, First Officer, Commanders and Chiefs are the only characters that are permitted to "auto" characters from lower ranks.

Character Creation

1 All basic characters should have their stats set up with the permitted maxed numbers at 100, one at 90, and the rest can be fluffed to 80 and under. Try to be sensible.

2 Think about what type of character you want to make and stat them based on that.

3 If you are not sure how to represent stats in a character correctly, please ask one of the mods for assistance.

4 The combat stats needed are:

• Intelligence
• Strength
• Defense
• Endurance
• Speed
• Magic level
• Magic defense
• Close combat
• Ranged combat

5 Be sensible with your skills and equipments. Only NPC tier characters are allowed outrageous skills and elements. (IE: Captain and First Officer)
Note: You are allowed 4 normal skills and an Ultimate.


Coming soon...


Coming soon...

Captain's Log

I'm tired...Where's Iefyr? I think I left him in a planet somewhere again...


Military Ranks

Captain [1/1] [All maxed at 500] - Spencer Ludwig

First Officer [1/1] [All maxed at 400]

Lieutenant Commander [0/2] [All maxed at 300]

Land Operations Commander [0/1] [Four stats maxed at 200]

Medical Chief [0/1] [Four stats maxed at 200]

Mechanical Chief [0/1] [Four stats maxed at 200]

Counselor [0/1] [Four stats maxed at 200]

Communication Officers [0/3] [Four stats maxed at 200]

Navigator [0/3] [Two stats maxed at 200]

Lieutenant [0/20] [Four stats maxed at 100]

Lieutenant junior grade [0/20] [Three stats maxed at 100]

Ensign [0/20] [Two stats maxed at 100]


Name - Task


Ground Military Forces

Iefyr - Commander


Name - Task



Name - Task