This group is decicated to every and all series made by Ryogho Narita! Durarara!!, Baccano!, Vamp!, etc. Why did we do this instead of making individual groups, you may ask? Because most of Ryogho Narita's series take place in the same universe. theoretically, all of his characters can interact in the same place. We are a Durarara!! group and we are a Baccano! group all the same, so please feel free to join. And hang in there while we get this fixed up some more.


Rules, ey? Here they are. We're pretty lenient so don't get on our bad side! We all want a civil atmosphere without any trouble, and, well, if you don't, keep outta this room. No drama. Leave your problems at the door an' all that, if you've got an issue with someone be an adult and deal with it via PM or the Block button. One general rule until we get things goin'!