Welcome to Our World.

Greetings and Salutations! Welcome to the realm known as Idle. Please go through the tabs upon the side to get a general idea of what this room is all about! I don't know. This is just sample text. YOLO.


This group is a rather huge WiP. Though, feel free to sit around and shoot the shit if you want to.

Before we get into the rules, I must say this. Idle is not for the weak-hearted or oversensitive users. You’ve been warned.



01. You're a fucking adult on a website, act like it.



02. No motherfucking spamming.



03. No illegal or highly questionable advertisement (Bittorent, Warez, etc).


04. Flaming is allowed to an extent.



05. Sensitive topics are allowed to an extent.



06. Respect one another.



07. IC and OOC are allowed.



08. Racism & sexism is tolerated to an extent.



09. Blank profiles allowed.



10. Icons are allowed. (6 limit max per post, no gif. 90x90)



11. RP fights are cool.



12. Helping someone with rp is cool, mocking them for rping not cool.


13. Harassing mods for stupid shit will get you fucked sideways (banned).


14. (???)



15. Profit.

About Idle

First off, welcome to the realm known as Idle. You ask what Idle is really about, aside from being a realm of sorts? A couple of you may think it’s a hodgepodge of shit at the moment, but we are an up and coming new world. An artificial realm, a man-made world that expands out to all of the rooms, and other communities on the Internet who do many forms of role-playing. Idle maybe a second OOC combined with different parts of various rooms, but kinda without the smut. We are essentially a hub that offers you a new world that you can build at, have role-plays, scenarios to enjoy, and role-play around since other rooms may not provide or offer you an alternative to their world or storylines.


Meanwhile Idle can offer you a sandbox world, where technology, fantasy, magic, and nomad users of all sorts can co-exist within one room. Idle comes down to being a galleria, a hub, an artificial multiverse where role-players can view, meet, chill, and hang around other role-players. Whereas some rooms maybe strict, and do not want to mix elves with railguns, or orcs with plasma-based hammers, or, or or! A necromancer witch that is able to purchase video games and play them with her dead best friend! We on the other hand desire just that. We want everyone to have fun, even if that means a western cowboy, space pirate, dragon and orc want to Texas Holdem together, so be it. Role-playing is all about make believe, we don’t put constraints on anyone’s imagination, just let those creative juices flow!

The multiverse IC

Idle is an artificial realm maintained by several groups that roam this end of the multi-verse. The world you see here is managed by three main users and their groups. Akira K. Sakurazaki's Avant-Garde R&D Laboratories, Jest Cavalli's Cavalli Industries, and Atomos the reckless succubus. They have come together to create a hub, a star-gate, a galleria, and a bazaar for any and all guests from the various ends of the multi-verse, whatever their species, home-galaxy, or native time-line might be.


The artificial world provides a broad smattering of continually-created and updated biomes suited to all our guests' needs, from super-futuristic megapolises; to haunted, primordial forests; sleepy towns and inns; or hell, even run-of-the-mill suburban hell-holes complete with strip malls and box-stores.




The multiverse OOC

Idle is community available to the guests of RPH and other online communities. Idle is managed and taken care by Akira/Metzgermeister, Jest, and Atomos. We've created this place to give players a huge sandbox where everyone and anyone can find something to enjoy in a world that, while coherent, is nevertheless constantly expanding, updating, and mixing/matching various themes. In other words, we're a place where you can find something for every taste and RP preference. We hope this will encourage RP, a friendly (but no-cry baby) environment, and a place where new and old players alike can find good, quality RP, as well as stimulating OOC chatter, discussion, debate, and fun.


Guests are encouraged to submit their ideas for new ideas. We'll implement and recognize your ideas to give people more and more options for fun.




The Beginner's Guide.

First rule to always live by? Don’t let other people’s opinions turn you away. There’s going to be people that don’t like your character, or you, man or lady up, and move on. Don’t cause drama because someone doesn’t like you, there’s an abundance of people on this site, and you will find plenty of friends.


For the love of sweet baby Jesus, please, punctuate. Capitalization, punctuation shows that you’re trying to be an adult. It shows others you’ve successfully passed basic English class and know how to form proper sentences. Plus, when you punctuate and use basic grammar, it’s pretty damn sexy.


Find your own profile style. This doesn’t mean you can’t ask help from those whose profiles make your e-peen hard, just be cautious. Some people are open to helping others spiff up their profiles, others not so much. We even have some helper links for tabs and layout templates in the Resources section of this webpage. If you have questions, feel free to ask them in chat, those who want to help, will respond.


No means no. If someone declines your invitation to RP, leave it. Don’t constantly badger someone with requests to RP, this can actually get you banned. Word also tends to spread if you complain or spam someone constantly. Keep Calm, Look for Someone Else.


Kinks, everyone has them, but not everyone’s meshes well. If someone tells you they aren’t into something, don’t push it. On the other hand, if someone enjoys a kink you find completely perverse, keep it to yourself. Respect others likes and dislikes. This will land you happy RP partners, and friends, that come back to interact with you again.


Most important of all: Don’t Start Drama. No one wants it, no one likes it. If you’re having an argument with someone? Take it to PMs. If it gets blown all out of proportion and you can’t handle it like adults (using that nifty Block button feature) let the Mods know. They’ll handle it, but you may not like the consequences.


(Side Note: The beginner section will be constantly updated overtime, thanks to our friend, Caladhiel Lensler)


Here you will find both tools and resources for various things that will aid you in your search for roleplay! Layout templates will be provided, as well as a few coding sources.


Akira's Recommendations!


Notepad++ - Notepad++ is a rather nifty program you can download from the Internet, it's basically notepad.exe on steroids. Taken from the site, "Notepad++ is a free (as in "free speech" and also as in "free beer") source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages. Running in the MS Windows environment, its use is governed by GPL License." To me, Notepad is very handing when trying to write source code for HTML, CSS, and anything else. Also, I can close out of the program, and whatever unsaved notes/tabs I have open are saved temporarily until I truly save them or close the tab. Very handy if you lose place, or you need something ASAP. Source:


Thimble by Mozilla - Ahhhhh, Mozilla Thimble. To me, one of the best sandboxes that can handle CSS, HTML, and javascript at times. This sandbox is honestly one of the most powerful ones I have encountered, as it actually examines the code that you write. Making sure your divs are in order, and anything that might look a little funky. Also, it's constantly maintained and updated by one of of the giants of the Internet Browsers. Mozilla. Honestly, go take a look for yourself. Source:


Adobe Color CC: This little fucker is very helpful when it comes to getting colors for your profile, or want a creative palette of colors. You can make your own theme of colors, or find someone else's theme of colors and see how it goes. There's endless possibilities with this tool, as it's very helpful when it comes to photoshop or CSS. Source:


Sublime Text 2 - It's somewhat a freebie, but it's another notepad.exe on steroids. A wonderful text-editor that is used to hand-write source code. Best part is that it comes in Windows flavor and Mac OS X flavor, as some of you guys may not use Windows for your daily chatting experience. Source:


GIMP - Yes, a majority of you have heard of GIMP. What is GIMP? Put it simple, it's just another free alternative to photoshop that can help you guys out. Source:


Ninite - What the fuck is Ninite you ask? Well, Ninite is basically a website where you can click all the needed apps you want, get the installer, and it will download and install the programs automatically for you without the asking on how to set it up. Ninite also offers a good portion of what we recommend for you guys to get. Recommended apps from Ninite: Chrome, Firefox, 7-Zip, VLC, all the runtimes, Notepad++, Paint .NET, GIMP, PDFCreator, MalwareBytes. Source:



Layout Templates

Listed below are templates for layouts. They range from simple to being rather ... difficult. Please have a basic understanding of coding before using the more difficult ones. They are placed here to give out attractive layouts to fellow roleplayers, as well as teach those how to code.


Difficulty. Advanced


Includes. Tabs, Key-frames


Notes. Must edit within HTML section of the editor.


Live Preview. Soon


Codes. Here


Credit Atomos


Meet the Staff

Akira. Welcome to Idle, motherfucker. My name is Akira K. Sakurazaki AKA Metzgermeister , the owner of Idle. Pretty much I’m the mischievous titan that owns this artificial world and multiverse, but I welcome everyone to stay and make a new home here. I’m the insane godkiller that lurks around these parts to make sure my guests are satisfied, feel free to shoot me a PM at any given time. I’m also the lazy kitten that you see in the other rooms and here, that knocks people over or cause some sort of commotion. Enjoy your stay. `^`




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The Multiverse
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