Groups available with notice. 



 General Information

Welcome to The Office where you will receive anything you need. My girls are here to serve. See Pavel or Niagra about bookings. We are currently seeking to hire both males and females who want to make good money and enjoy themselves. Making up to $1000 a day. We ask that you at least attempt a post after entering the room. (OOCly- This group serves as a meta-plot allowing those with smut-oriented profiles or tendencies to pair up and have some story for context without the need to go through the setup of why- It is not a primarily room based RP, but rather a way to coordinate and encourage PM RP. So please, contact me (Pavel) if you want to talk about it. Willing to help people make simple profiles if they want to try out being one of my girls.)

 Setting Information

The office is a place for those seeking a pleasurable evening with one of the lovely ladies available. All arrangements are made through Pavel or Niagra, who will set you up with a girl fitting your needs. All of your kinks, desires and fantasies are ours to create and fulfill, so don't be shy about what you like. First meetings are to be conducted within the office and then the girls are allowed to set up private meetings with their clients. Please have a look at those currently working and come by to enjoy what they have to offer you.




The Escorts


 These ladies and gentlemen are available for your pleasure.