Welcome to the Wasteland


Fallout is a series of computer role-playing games originally produced and published by Interplay. Although set in and after the 22nd century, its story and artwork are heavily influenced by the post-World War II nuclear paranoia of the 1950s. If you've played any of the video games and fancy yourself a role play in the series, you can do that in our room. The rules are loose and based off of other popular rooms on the site.

Trolling is not tolerated and anyone who trolls the room will be banned either permanently or temporarily based on the context of the person and their actions. Be kind to one another and ask questions if you have them.

Currently seeking reasonable, responsible staff members.* Staff won't be decided on favorites, they will be chosen based on good behavior and frequency. If you're a smart, level headed person that occupies the room on a fairly frequent basis, you'll be applicable. That said, if you're upset you're not a mod and feel that it's unfair you aren't allowed the privilege of supervising others with a hammer, understand that it's purely professional and randomized amongst good-willed occupants.

*There is no application process. Essentially, asking and saying you're interested will not earn you a guaranteed position.