~Welcome to Creature Lagoon~

Every single creature guy, girl, and anything in between is welcome here!. Any monster of any size, weight, height, and such are welcome. I made this group due to the fact most of our kind aren't always welcome in every room. 

The setting is usually a big forest! The genre is fantasy, too. 


This is a friendly note; Please have a profile if you wish to be taken seriously by anyone.

Like every other group on RPH we do have guidelines you must follow. Failure to follow them results in a warning, kick, and then ban. Three strikes and you are out.

1) Everyone is welcome. Even if they are a known troublemaker I do believe in giving everyone a fair chance.

2) Disruptive behavior will be dealt with rather swiftly. Trolling, harassing, and any such will get you banned. We have every right to ban whoever we desire. 


3) A final note; If someone harasses you via PM or causes a hassle in the room you can PM it to a group moderator or an owner.