Welcome to Disney World!  The Happiest Place on RPH!!!  This room is dedicated to Disney related RP.  From Kingdom Hearts to Mickey and the Gang; Tron to Marvel; we accept all things Disney here!!!  So come along, sing the song, and join the jamboree!  Hey there, hi there, ho there you're as welcome as can be!  Welcome to Disney World!
Being a Disney room, we are more than happy to accept most characters.  However, in order to be a part of the main RP you can only be a character of an official Disney Movie or Disney owned Company movie.  This means that Disney, Touchstone, Pixar, Marvel, Lucas Films, Fox, and ABC characters are accepted and adored.  Excluded are the following:  Dreamworks Characters (Shrek, Antz, Kung Fu Panda, etc.), Looney Tunes (Bugs Bunny and friends), DC Comics characters (Batman, Superman, etc.), CN/Hanna Barbera Characters (Yogi Bear, Dexter, MLP, Uncle Grandpa, etc.), Non-Disney Don Bluth Characters (Land Before Time, All Dogs Go to Heaven, etc.), and Nicktoons/Paramount Characters (Transformers, GI Joe, Avatar, Ren and Stimpy, Spongebob, etc.).
The Rules:

Disney World is very dependent upon its cast members to coordinate effectively as a group. Because of that fact, it is a grievous error in judgment to mistreat one another or bully one another, OOC (surely IC will be justified somehow). Because these things have happened in the past, here is a list of rules you -will- follow, or face a permanent ban:

1. No drama. Check your OOC drama at the door and leave it in an OOC room. Once you enter into character, you are no longer who you portray, so it makes absolutely NO sense to be pissed right off the bat, or depressed cetera. This will not be tolerated.  This is supposed to be the "Happiest place on RPH" after all!

2. Smut in the room will not be tolerated.  This is a group dedicated to movies that are loved by children AND adults.  So we please ask you keep any sexual activities in PM's.  Also, smut profiles will be automagically kicked and/or banned from the room.  NSFW galleries are allowed in profiles but just no straight smut profiles.

3. Confront your problems. If "x" is having an issue with you, BE AN ADULT. Approach them and be civilized about it. If things escalate, take it to a moderator, but be sure the party in question is present so that the moderator can hear both arguments. Anything less than complete responsibility for your actions will not be tolerated.

4. No god-moding. There's a lot of characters that can be god-like, without being moded into a god. This means no seemless invulnerability (even if "invulnerability-to-everything" is an actual listed trait) and no endless endurance. Nobody can go on forever. Even Hulk gets tired. C'mon, be creative. I think it gives the character deeper relateability to take a beating or two before striking out with their god-like power. Anything less than compliance to this rule will not be tolerated. This should be common sense.

5. OOC interaction. This is a tentative subject. Some of us are goofy and carefree while some of us are more serious, even out of character. That's all fine and dandy until you step on someone's toes and upset them. Obviously you should be aware of whose company you keep; i.e, it's just plain rude to act like a fool around someone who isn't enjoying your sense of humor. Here's a wild idea, people: you won't get along with EVERY person you meet. That's just a fact of life. Move on, if you can't sway them to like you plenty of more fish in the sea. 

6. Let loose and have fun. This is non-negotiable. You're here for a reason, and creativity fuels that reason, whatever it may be. You're not obligated to join us, even if you like us. We don't twist arms and we don't make false promises, so don't go swearing in places that you can't fulfill that swear in. Be reasonable. All in all, we just want you to enjoy yourself and unchain your imagination for a bit, even if it is just that bit. We don't judge, and we don't hate.

7. Canon characters are always accepted.  This includes characters from any Disney movie (live action or animated), any Disney/Pixar film, any Marvel character, Star Wars Character, or any Characters from shows on ABC, 20th/21st Century Fox, Disney Chanel, and Disney Junior. We currently are not accepting cross overs or original characters.  These characters will be automagically kicked from the room and if they repeatedly enter the room will be banned.  This means no Dream Works, Universal, or Warner Brothers Characters.  Square Enix is allowed as long as they were in the Kingdom Hearts franchize.  Due to issues with OC's coming into the room and being inappropriate, OC's will be asked to remove themselves fromt he room.  If they do not comply they will be kicked and further intrusions will lead to a ban. **The only acception for OC's would be if it were a background character or unnamed character in any of the above listed franchizes.**

8.  Anyone who comes in saying just "Didney Worl" and leaves or anything else that stupid will be automagically banned.  This is non negotiable.

9. Lastly, but not least--moderators and any leadership position's say is FINAL. That doesn't make them infallible or inerrant, but what it DOES mean is that they'll convene and get more than one perspective before making a decision.
Main Story:  N/A have fun!